150 Tourists Trapped As Cable Car Breaks Down Mid Air

More than 150 tourists have been rescued from the popular Mount Teide cable car service in Tenerife after an unexplained malfunction.

Authorities said 34 people including four children had been evacuated after being trapped in a gondola for around an hour and a half in the second break-down in 18 months.

Around 120 people at a station at the top of the cable service were brought down later after a three-hour wait.

It is understood they were rescued using the gondolas, which had to be operated manually at a slower speed than normal.

The alarm was sounded around 10.20am Saturday morning when the cable car service broke down for reasons that are still being investigated.

No-one needed medical attention.
It was not immediately clear if any Brits were involved.

A spokesman for the Volcano Teide Experience tweeted: “Around 10.20am today the security protocol was activated after the cable car service stopped functioning.

“At that moment in time 34 people were in a gondola who now at the base station being evacuated.

“Some 120 people are still at an upper station who are going to be evacuated immediately.

“We will be closed for the rest of the day so we can make the relevant checks and will probably open tomorrow.”

In March last year emergency services rescued 250 people from Mount Teide after the service broke down.

Passengers were trapped in two gondolas and were forced to spend the night at high altitude.

About four million people visit Mount Teide every year, making it Spain’s most visited natural wonder and one of the most visited national parks in the world.

The volcano is located in Teide National Park on Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

It is Earth’s third-tallest volcano, and the highest point in Spain with a 12,198ft summit.

The Unesco World Heritage Site is also the highest point above sea level in the Atlantic islands, but it last erupted more than 100 years ago.

(Mirror online)

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