A New Nigeria Is Coming

By Chidi Okpaluba

The north has nothing to lose in the emerging new Nigeria. Rather, it will result in the unbundling, unshackling, and unleashing of the hitherto bottled and caged potentials of more than 99% of their people who represent the true wealth of the region but who had been caged in poverty, disease and death by the minority elite 1% who profit from their suffering and would rather continue to sustain the status quo at all cost including killing more of them.

No section of this country has suffered from the poverty in the land more than the north, no section has suffered from insecurity more than the north, no section has suffered from youth unemployment more than the north.

So if anything, the true north needs the change the youths are clamouring for more than any other section.

However, the selfishness of the very few northern elites who are benefiting from the rot in the country will not allow the vast majority air their view. Their voices are subdued at best but most times shut out completely. So most times what you hear as the position of the north is really nothing but the conspiracy of the minority 1% elite to keep their people in perpetual darkness.

Why would any real human being who has blood flowing in his or her body call for the sustenance of this evil system where the child of nobody will remain a nobody irrespective of gifts or talents, or intelligence, where a few criminals recycle themselves and their families and servant cronies.

What we call the position of the north is most times the conspiracy of the 1% elite to keep themselves and families relevant at the altar of their people’s collective destiny.

The real north needs the change the youths are crying for. The real north supports the emergence of new Nigeria. The real northern people  are like everyone of us, they like good things too. The real north wants better educational system, the real north wants good health care system, the real north wants security and good governance. The real north wants a prosperous nation.
Therefore the real north also wants a new Nigeria.

Dr. Okpaluba wrote from Lagos 

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