Agbaje Group Accuses Lagos APC Of Compromising PVCs For N10,000

  • Lagos PDP Says APC Overheating The Polity
The campaign organisation of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Governorship Candidate for Lagos, Mr. Jimi Agbaje, has accused the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) of cloning and compromising Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) for N10,000 preparatory to rigging the 2019 polls in the state.
APC agents have been sneaking from street to street and from house to house, convincing unwary voters to submit their Voter Identity Numbers (VINs) in return for instant cash transfers, Jimi Agbaje Campaign Organisation (JACO) revealed.
A statement by Felix Oboagwina, Director of Media and Publicity, said that the agents would usually ask for people’s VINs, snap their photographs and collect their account details, upon which money was then instantly transferred to those who complied.
“Each target is usually given N10,000. If you say you have no account, they will send the money into the account of someone around to assist you in cashing the money,” the statement said.
According to JACO, these APC agents had been sighted moving through Lagos State on their evil assignment. The statement revealed that these VIN collectors were usually attired in INEC-branded vests and matching bags, as they went about impersonating officers of the commission.
JACO said: “Information reveals that on election day, all such procured VINs will be remotely deactivated from each owner’s card and automatically activated to vote APC. APC has cloned hundreds of thousands cards that will be used to neutralise the compromised cards.
Meanwhile, the bonafide voter would get to the polling booth and his attempt to vote would be frustrated as the card reader would either reject the card or indicate that the owner was trying to do double-voting because he had already been recorded as having voted.”
Any such attempt by card holders to vote would amount to double-voting and the person would find himself disenfranchised.
 “For a party whose mantra is change and anti-corruption, this is perpetrating the mother of all corruption,” JACO said. “If APC performed, why will they need to resort to the desperado tactics of purchasing votes?
It noted: “Taking to such desperate means clearly demonstrates that APC as a party in government has failed. It has seen the handwriting on the wall. And the next thing is to rig the election with all evil methods available.”
Urging the police to get to the root of the matter, Agbaje’s campaign organisation said security agents must apprehend those financing the perfidy.
“Police must immediately hit the streets to arrest anyone parading around on this immoral enterprise,” the statement said.
Sabotage Of Agbaje Billboards: Lagos PDP Says APC Overheating The Polity
Meanwhile, the Lagos State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has warned the State’s chapter of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) against provoking opposition supporters into violence over removal of its party’s campaign materials.
In a statement issued by the party in Lagos by its Publicity Secretary, Mr. Taofeek Gani, the party warned that it would no longer fold its hands to watch the deliberate moves being made by the APC in the state to frustrate its campaign efforts ahead of the forthcoming election.
The PDP’s call is coming in the wake of illegal removal of billboards and other outdoor campaign materials in various parts of the state by operatives believed to be workers of the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA).
In recent times, the governorship candidate of the party, Mr. Jimi Agbaje had raised an alarm over willful removal of signage being used by his campaign organization to woo voters in the state while those of the ruling party remain untouched. Some workers of the agency were arrested and detained by law enforcement agents on Sunday.
However, in his reaction, Taofeeq, who spoke on behalf of the PDP in the state, warned that the party had done much to restrain members from taking the laws into their hands in reprisals, but added that should the trend continue, the PDP should not be held responsible for the action of angry supporters.
“We have been watching the deliberate and willful destruction of our billboards and other campaign assets and infrastructure by the agents of the Lagos State Government whom we have since found out are operating in cohort with the leadership of the Lagos State chapter of the APC.
“As a party that believes in peace and decency, especially during campaigns and electioneering, we had hoped that commonsense and reason would prevail; but to our surprise, the silence we have maintained for sometimes is being taken for granted and for cowardice. Our silence which we deemed rationale and sensible rather than being reciprocated has unfortunately emboldened those culpable in this ignoble acts,” he said.
While urging law enforcement agents to act promptly to forestall a breakdown of law and order, Gani added that should the trend continue, “We cannot predict Lagosians’ reaction. We have been urging angry citizens to keep the peace but we hope we will be able to persuade them to keep calm.”
The party accused the ruling party of engaging in the act termed part of a desperate scheme to win the forthcoming elections despite the fact that most residents had rejected APC for PDP.
“The PDP in Lagos State can hazard a guess as to why the APC is carrying out this act of political rascality and we have come to the conclusion that the APC apparently smelling defeat at the forthcoming election has resorted to bringing down and destroying our campaign assets.
“Everywhere they have gone, they have come to the realization that the people of the state have rejected them and cast their lot with our party, the PDP and our amiable candidate, Mr. Jimi Agbaje, much beloved by the people of the state,” the party wrote.

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