Anambra 2021: I’m Not Interested In Being Deputy Governor — Odili

…says my enemies now resort to cheap blackmail

Raymond Ozoji, Awka

The Chief of Staff to the Anambra State Government, Mr. Primus Ugochukwu Odili, has declared that he is not interested in being the deputy governor of the state, as political pundits had erroneously calculated.

Odili told our correspondent in an exclusive interview that enemies of the All Progressives Grand Alliance-led state government now resort to cheap blackmail because of the erroneous impression that he may be nominated for the position of the second citizen of the state in November this year.

Odili who wondered whether it has become a sin for one to be successful at a very young age, stressed that malignant forces were hell-bent in dragging his hard earned reputation through the mud because they believed he would be made the next deputy governor of the state.

He said he was first accused of using state resources to acquire assets in the United States of America. This time, enemies alleged that his wife who visited him recently from America came back with the deadly coronavirus disease which she allegedly distributed in the government house with some 30 fictitious government officials including commissioners contracting the deadly virus.

The Chief of Staff said enemies of the present administration were fighting tooth and nail to pull him down with all manner of destructive publications on the social media because they were envious of his early success in life.

Odili said, “Those spreading falsehoods about me should continue but one day nemesis will catch up with them. Anyone who is jealous of you never sees anything good from you. Their grouse against me is that they think I am coming out for deputy governor but I am not. Even if I am given on a platter of gold, I will not collect it.

“There is a calculation that the current deputy governor is from Anambra-Central. The governor is coming from the South senatorial zone and the deputy governor will not come from the Central again; that is what they are thinking. Therefore, the deputy governor will come from the North and they think I will be picked; therefore they should pull me down at all cost so that Obiano will not nominate me.

“So, I believe it is those eyeing the position of the deputy governor that are instigating those cheap blackmail. I am not interested and I am not even bothered about it.”

The Chief of Staff also recalled that the government house was shut down last year for six weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic and nobody went to work including the governor, and his wife was not in the state at the time.

He equally recalled that markets in the state were closed for three months last year and that the governor declared Awka-South local government area where the government house is situated as the most populated for COVID-19, yet his wife was not in the state at the time.

Odili said civil servants were asked to stay at home for two months last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He therefore queried how his wife was responsible for the spread of coronavirus in the government house without infecting her husband and other family members?

He said if the proponents of such falsehoods were intrepid enough to mention the governor as one of those whom his wife infected with COVID-19, then they should have also mentioned the 30 government officials who contracted the disease.

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