Anambra: ASATU Does Not Owe Allegiance To Any Governorship Candidate — President 

Raymond Ozoji, Awka
The national president of the Anambra State Association of Town Unions (ASATU) and President-General of Eziowele  community in Idemili-North local government area of Anambra state  Chief Titus Nnabuike Akpudo has declared that ASATU is not campaigning for any  candidate  in the forthcoming governorship election.
Akpudo also stated categorically that the association has not endorsed anybody neither does it owe any form of allegiance or loyalty to any particular person as long as the November 6 gubernatorial contest is concerned.
ASATU national president who spoke with our correspondent in an exclusive interview at the association’s secretariat government house Awka yesterday, cautioned that politicians should not drag the organization into their electioneering activities but emphasized that ASATU was constitutionally mandated to maintain a cordial working relationship with the government in power.
He said any candidate purporting to have been endorsed by ASATU was building Castle in the air because the organization according to him should naturally be neutral and non-partisan in political cum election matters.
Akpudo said, “ASATU till date has not endorsed anybody as a sole candidate. We have not campaigned for anybody and we will not campaign for anybody.
“We need to be sure the direction things are going. There is still what I describe as political royal-rumble going on within political parties. This political crisis is setting the state backwards and November 6 is around the corner.
“We have not endorsed anybody yet.  Nobody can coax us into endorsing anybody because we must be sure and have very cogent reasons for endorsing anybody.
“We will assess candidates based on their antecedents and know the way forward. Without that, we can’t make a headway in this regard. We are an independent body and we have a mind of our own. Nobody coaxes us into doing anything.
“ASATU like every other Anambra citizen needs a person that will be committed to work. Somebody that will have the development of Anambra state at heart. Somebody that will ensure that he will sustain the legacies already laid down by past administrations and the current administration.
“Somebody that will invest in human capital and also create an enabling environment for our brothers and sisters outside the state to invest at home. Somebody that will make every citizen of Anambra state happy.
“We need somebody that will make the international airport, international conference centre, the Awka stadium and other infrastructures flourish. If we miss that person, Anambra will be in trouble.”

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