Anambra Can Be Better Under My Watch As Governor —  Ezeemo

Raymond Ozoji, Awka

Mr. Godwin Chukwunenye Ezeemo is  one of Nigeria’s renowned freight forwarders and owner of multiple business empires. He has been in his country home Umuchu in Aguata local government area of Anambra state since he returned from the United Kingdom, fostering grassroots development through his businesses that have many youths in their payrolls. Ezeemo who has made several efforts to fulfil his ambition to govern Anambra, explains why Anambra Can Be Better Under His Watch as Governor while interacting with select journalists at his campaign office in Udoka Estate Awka, Anambra state. RAYMOND OZOJI was there.

Sir, what informed your choice of the Peoples Democratic Party as the political platform upon which you plan to pursue your gubernatorial ambition come 2021?

PDP is the largest and biggest political family in Africa. I do not have any doubt that whatever skirmishes they have will be sorted out. So I am very sure that my party which believes that power belongs to the people, will produce the next governor of Anambra state come 2021.

How rooted are you in the party, considering the fact that you are almost a new entrant in the Peoples Democratic Party?

First and foremost, I am not a new entrant in Anambra politics let alone the Peoples Democratic Party. I have been a party man right from the days of my sojourn in the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) now All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA). I contributed in no small measures to grow these parties.

Whether I am an aspirant or not, I contribute my token to advance and grow the party. I donate offices, pay for materials and a host of other things so that people can benefit from my benevolence. I am not doing those things because I am vying for anything in the party.

Now in what ways have you extended your benevolence to the Peoples Democratic Party where you aspire to pursue your governorship ambition in Anambra?

Well, recently I donated about 15,300 party membership cards and other materials I procured from the PDP headquarters Abuja to the state executives of the PDP in Anambra state. This is just one out of numerous other activities I carry out to lend my support to the growth of the party.

Again, a political party is like a family. You have got to look after the party when positions are being sought for and when positions are not being sought for.

Now the big question is, how can Anambra be better with you, paradventure you win the 2021 governorship election?

Anambra can be better with me because I have good knowledge of Anambra state and I have the solutions to all the problems facing Anambra state. The number of graduates are in their thousands but how many of them get jobs? We have to create employments. Government would also provide the required environment to encourage investors to invest within the state.

When you have about 10 or 20 functional industries and each of them employs about one hundred persons, you would have reduced poverty and unemployment in the state. I have the capacity to industrialise Anambra state if elected next governor.

So, I am poised to industrialise Anambra because I experienced the same problems setting up my own businesses within the state and the present governnent is virtually doing nothing to help the situation. I help myself. I provide my power. I provide my water. I construct my roads. So how can it work when an investor who doesn’t have the capacity to provide his own power, water and what have you survive and succeed in business?

So that is where I’m coming from. You see that if you put me on a scale alongside other aspirants, you see that most of them don’t even know that these problems exist. All they know is that there is no employment in Anambra state and they would create employment. I know what to do because I am involved.

Again, I live in Anambra state and I experience the trouble Anambrarians go through everyday of my life. So that will make a huge difference between somebody who lives in the United States or Abuja and come in here to vie for positions. So I am still the local one that knows the local problems and can provide solutions to the local problems.

What if you don’t get the party’s ticket at the primaries?

Well, I know I have a hurdle to cross which is the party primaries but my team and I and other well-meaning Anambrarians who believe in me are working round the clock to ensure we crossed the hurdle at the primary elections. However the good news is that Anambrarians have known that there is need for something better to happen to Anambra state. So they want someone who has something tangible to give to Ndi-Anambra not a mediocre. So within the PDP circle, the people to whom power belongs, have become more knowledgeable than what it used to be before. So what makes me different from other aspirants is that I am living local and I know the problems of my people.

Anambra does not need someone who is bereft of viable and workable ideas to turn the fortunes of the state around so that the masses can heave a sigh of relief and rejoice to a more proactive and productive governance which only the Peoples Democratic Party can offer Anambra citizens under my administration.

Finally sir, away from your gubernatorial ambition, do you subscribe to INEC’s recent deregistration of some political parties?

Yes. I subscribe to it in its entirety even though it is long overdue. They should also delist more because any political party that can’t get a representation at the Senate or House of Reps or whatever, shouldn’t be existing; they over-registered political parties. There is no sense in registering over 100 political parties when most of them didn’t meet the minimum requirements but only registered purely for political reasons.

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