Anambra Cheers

By Joe C Anatune

Governor Willie Obiano did something unusual on November 21, 2019
He inaugurated a committee of some wise men and women to peer into the future and visualise what or how Anambra state will look like in the next 50 years.

Obiano, unknown to many, is thinking about the Anambra Child that is born next year and the Anambra state where he or she can celebrate his golden jubilee. Will he or she be safe, be well taken care of, compete favourably in new borderless/ digital world and be happy on his or her trajectory to adulthood.

I’m sure the governor is desirous of seeing the journey in life of this new born under reference a happy one and wants the committee to tell him and other governors who will come after him HOW.

So primarily, this is all about the plan for better life for the unborn, the young and even the old to experience some bliss before their final departure.

Obiano pulled yet another stunt by bringing home an outstanding son of Anambra who has been thinking for the world to come home and think for Anambra and lead the other eggheads to chart a new and better course.

His choice of Chukwuma Soludo was the icing of the cake in this endeavour of taking both a long and short look at the well-being of the people of Anambra.

For Soludo too, this is one of the not too common cases of a prophet being recognised by his own people. Soludo bears little introduction as an original thinker and doer. This attribute of his and many others in the committee makes the Anambra -V 2070 different.

Indeed, I am a firm believer that societies that have made progress are those who have been able to break the category paradigm or who have thought without a box. Soludo now carries a cross; to galvanise the galaxy of stars in his team and indeed the entire citizens of Anambra to see far and near of a safe, prosperous and happy Anambra state and defend the choices they are about to make about the life today and always as staying on course, remaining focus and nibbling at it no matter the obvious challenges invariably usher in progress.

Here his years of teaching and operating on the big stage will come handy. He is also someone who understands the fluidity or dynamism of the world we live in and will guide the committee make ample allowances that will accommodate such likely future shocks.

Happily, in the streets, market squares, beer parlours and at every gathering of Ndi- Anambra at home and abroad, the conversation today is about the future of Anambra. Every great thing starts in the head and Obiano has pulled a smart one here. The excitement and expectations are sky high but the good news is with the mass return of experts to our home state led by Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, Anambra will surely have a lot to cheer. Who knows, this may be the beginning of the mass return of our people to invest in Anambra, live in Anambra and enjoy life more abundant in Anambra?

*Joe Anatune, a brand strategist, writes from Awa in Orumba North.

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