Anambra Deputy Speaker Not Responsible For Amawbia Market Leadership Crisis — Traders 

By Raymond Ozoji, Awka

Traders at Amawbia Main Market in Awka-South Local Government Area of Anambra State have said that the claims by the Chairman of the market, a certain Daniel Ifesinachi Nwokoye, that the Deputy Speaker of the state assembly Rt. Hon. Chukwuma Pius Okoye is responsible for the leadership tussle in the market is an unfounded, baseless accusation.
Traders who spoke with NewsProbe at the market, collectively opined that the Deputy Speaker has no business with the market and also has no hand in the leadership tussle rocking the market currently.
They said it was the Chairman of the market who is fueling the inferno ravaging the market leadership coupled with giving false information to the Police about unknown gunmen invading and disrupting meetings held in the market. That the many sins of the Chairman had led to a two-month suspension placed on him by the Awka-South Local Government Authority.
Mr. Nwachukwu Uchendu, the vice chairman of Amawbia Main Market, told our reporter that the Chairman Mr. Daniel Ifesinachi Nwokoye was responsible for the crisis tearing the market leadership apart and if nothing was done urgently to address it, blood might flow and heads might roll because the Chairman, he said, has become tyrannical and power drunk.
Uchendu revealed that Mr Nwokoye allocated over 30 shops to himself as against the sharing formula among the market, Amawbia and the local government authority. He said that the Chairman of the market operated as a sole administrator and did not carry anyone along.
He said that the Deputy Speaker was innocent of all the accusations being peddled in the online media against him by Nwokoye. That the Deputy Speaker has never come to the market to decide or dictate how the market should be run.
The Vice Chairman of the market maintained that the Chairman was going around blackmailing people and providing false information to the Police such that the Police had charged him to court for such criminal offence.
Uchendu however appealed for urgent interventions in the Amawbia Market Leadership Crisis because according to him, the market has been balkanized into 10 different warring groups and people may lose their lives in the mayhem.
He also suggested the dissolution of the current leadership of the market for a fresh election to be conducted to allow peace reign in the market and to avoid loss of lives.
Also, the Chairman of Zone 1 Amawbia Main Market, Mr. Sunny Nnamdi, who disclosed that there are 4 zones in the market, told our reporter that M8 Block was gutted by fire early last year.
He recalled that the first person who came to sympathize with traders in the market and made some cash donations was the Deputy Speaker, who was then the lawmaker representing Awka-South 2 State Constituency, where Amawbia Main Market is located.
Nnamdi also recalled that another time the lawmaker visited the market was during his electioneering when he came to solicit for their votes regarding his second term ambition. That it was the last time the lawmaker came to the market.
He said after a while some people petitioned Awka-South local government authority over financial mismanagement in the market and they were summoned. Thereafter, a letter of suspension was served Nwokoye.
He said the Chairman was suspended and the letter equally mandated the Vice Chairman to continue in his stead but the Chairman blatantly refused to let go of the position and continued to use brutal force to operate in the market.
Nnamdi stated that Nwokoye remained suspended and that no counter letter has said that his suspension has been called off yet. “That is where we are now,” he said.
Reacting to the foregoing, the Chairman of the market insisted that the Deputy Speaker was instigating crisis in the market.
He also disclosed that the market executives insisted that the Awka-South Local Government Authority has no locus to suspend their Chairman because they were the ones who elected him into office and not the council authorities.
He said he would furnish our reporter with documented evidence of where the Deputy Speaker’s name was mentioned as the architect of the crisis tearing Amawbia Market Leadership apart.

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