Anambra Glowzz Uplifts The Entertainment Industry   

Uzor Maxim Uzoatu

There is a new charge of electricity in the entertainment firmament of Anambra State. The maiden edition of the Anambra Glowzz project is billed to shake up the stratosphere on December 23, 2019.

An initiative of X-Plore Integrated Services Limited, Anambra Glowzz will showcase the Akuluouno “Think Home” philosophy powering Anambra State as the esteemed “Light of the Nation”.

A galaxy of stars will be on display alongside the recognition of the contributions of the illustrious sons and daughters of Anambra State to Nigeria’s cultural heritage, economic development and allied concerns such as business, commerce, tourism, trade and industry.

Anambra Glowzz provides a platform for upcoming artistes to beam out the lights of their multiform talents to the world. The event is poised to recognize the selfless sacrifices of the state in community development and the improvement of the general lives of the people.

Through Anambra Glowzz the entertainment icons of the state will play pivotal roles as mentors to several school children, thereby proving to them the importance of hard work and focus in life and living.

According to the Project Director, Louis Nwadialo, the mission is “to integrate entertainment as support sector for income generation alongside trade, industry, enterprise etc for Anambra State” while the mission is “to redefine entertainment and events in our economic value chain by driving critical investment in tourism and other sectors.”

The drive to promote entertainment to rival oil and gas in revenue generation for Nigeria is at the heart of the Anambra Glowzz project.

With Nollywood ranked worldwide as the third most productive film industry after America’s Hollywood and India’s Bollywood, Anambra stands to gain as the major hub of Nollywood talents and superstars.

With Governor Willie Obiano having electrified all the roads and streets of Anambra State, night life is now on the greatest high ever. Anambra Glowzz is an idea whose time has come in the leisure industry.

The Anambra Glowzz Entertainment Awards will include Media Personality, Broadcaster of the Year, Poets Quintessential, Tourism Personality, Literary Personality, Indigenous Diaspora Personality, Comedian of the Year etc.

Given the vast riches in Anambra, it is expected that endorsement, support and sponsorship of Anambra Glowzz cannot be gainsaid. Anambra Glowzz is the veritable tool to project Anambra State as the quintessential brand, tourism and investment destination.

It needs no reiteration that Anambra ranks first in artistic enterprise. The first President of Nigeria, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, was a leading pioneer poet. The acclaimed Father of African Literature, Chinua Achebe, remains a leading light. The immortal poet, Christopher Okigbo, continues to inspire. The modern doyenne of world literature, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, holds aloft the torch.

In a word, Anambra Glowzz truly glows.

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