Anambra Labour Party Federal Lawmakers Scheming To Remove Soludo — APGA Chieftain

… says they have failed woefully 
By Raymond Ozoji, Awka
National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) Mazi Ejimofor Opara has stated unequivocally that all Anambra Labour Party National Assembly members have failed woefully and they are all collosal waste of electoral votes.
Opara, who spoke to NewsProbe, said he responded to reports making the rounds where some Anambra extraction of National Assembly members particularly Labour Party lawmakers were discrediting and casting aspersions on Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, saying that he was not performing and for that singular reason, they would do everything possible to remove him in 2025.
He said that the Labour Party federal lawmakers from Anambra State whom he continued to describe as woeful failures brought upon the electorate by whirlwind, have completely lost their sense of priorities.
He said rather than focus on the primary reasons for which they were elected into the National Assembly, they were busy making futile efforts to pull a governor who has surpassed the achievements of his predecessors in less than two years down.
The APGA scribe who X-rayed the Labour Party legislators one after the other, specifically mentioned that the lawmakers representing Anambra-North and Awka-North and South were fatal mistakes Ndi-Anambra made with their votes and that such mistakes would never repeat itself in 2027.
Opara stated that the citizens thought that they were coming to do things differently but according to him,  everybody has come to realize that it was all a hoax. He said that the Labour Party federal legislators from Anambra State didn’t have the moral rectitude to question the rationale behind buying very expensive SUVs for National Assembly members costing hundreds of millions each at the expense of the poor masses.
He was equally of the opinion that the Senator representing Anambra-North currently at the Senate, who is of the Labour Party lied to his constituents and Ndi-Anambra that a road in his Senatorial District which connected Anambra and Kogi states was in the budget whereas it has been discovered that the road in question was not captured in the budget.
The APGA chieftain maintained that all the Labour Party National Assembly members do is to come to Anambra State every weekend to rubbish the good works of Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, when their various constituencies are languishing in regrets for having wasted their votes on them.
Opara told our reporter that Anambra people now feel deceived and disappointed because the so-called Labour Party lawmakers have been in office for about eight months now and they have absolutely nothing to show for it aside from coming to Anambra on a weekly basis to play dirty politics and to brainwash the people as to why Gov. Soludo should not be returned for a second term.
Opara is of the opinion that rather than talk about the next election, the Labour Party lawmakers from Anambra State should tell the electorate what they have done with the mandate given to them currently.
He further described them as very incompetent set of people who were brought into power by what he termed emotional frenzy of a so-called Obidient Movement and that their only mandate was how to remove Gov. Soludo from office in 2025.
Opara therefore advised Ndi-Anambra to be wiser and not be blindfolded, brainwashed or cowed into emotional blackmail as witnessed in the Obidient Movement of the Labour Party which he said made people without content and capacity become federal lawmakers doing virtually nothing at the National Assembly.

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