Anambra Monarch To Sue Journalists For False Publications On 27 Houses Burnt In His Community

By Raymond Ozoji, Awka
The traditional ruler of Oba-Ofemili community in Awka-North Local Government Area of Anambra State, His Royal Majesty Igwe Ezekwesili Maduagwuna, has declared that he will sue journalists who published that 27 houses were burnt in his community coupled with other defamatory statements against his throne and person.
Igwe Ezekwesili, who spoke exclusively with our reporter in Awka, maintained that the said journalists whom he said did not contact him on phone nor visited him in person to obtain his side of the story before dishing out falsehoods to members of the public just to tarnish his image and ruin his reputation, would come to the Court to prove where 27 houses were burnt in Oba-Ofemili and how he conspired with the Deputy Governor Dr. Onyekachukwu Ibezim to use Fulani herdsmen to terrorise indigenes and residents of Oba-Ofemili.
The monarch who said he was not a tyrant, maintained that his subjects were happy with him and that Oba-Ofemili community was peaceful with massive developmental progress since he became the traditional ruler of the community.
According to him, the allegations by some journalists whom he said did not investigate properly or called him on the phone before publishing the rubbish they published would have themselves to blame in the end because Oba-Ofemili community was enjoying a very tranquil atmosphere devoid of communal disputes.
The traditional ruler further disclosed that the advent of Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo has also helped to catapult Oba-Ofemili to limelight especially with the construction of Oba-Ofemili-Amansea road which he said has connected the community to other communities in the state.
Igwe Ezekwesili who said he has his right to fair hearing, noted that such heavy allegations would have been verified from him as the traditional ruler of Oba-Ofemili but the authors of the publications, displayed what he described as professional ineptitude and incompetence.
Igwe Ezekwesili said, “These are people who contested Igwe with me and lost. And for the past 8 years, they have been alleging one thing or the other just to bring me down. But this time around, I am not going to take it lightly with them.
“How can you accuse the Igwe that he is working with Fulani Herdsmen and the Deputy Governor to terrorise the people of Oba-Ofemili? Such are weighty accusations. They did not only tarnish my image and that of my community, they also tarnished the image of the Deputy Governor of Anambra State.
“These allegations would not be swept under the carpet because I am going to Court to follow the matter up. All the newspapers that are involved will come to the Court and prove where 27 houses were burnt in my community.”
Igwe Ezekwesili also disclosed that the same character who sponsored false publications against Oba-Ofemili community, was going about causing confusion and rancour in the community and accusing Oba-Ofemili youths of being murderers.
According to Igwe Ezekwesili, some indigenes of Oba-Ofemili were currently languishing at Enugu prisons over trumped up charges orchestrated by the same dramatist personae who has sworn that Oba-Ofemili will never know peace as long as he lives.
He said the same character has made farmers desert their farmlands in Oba-Ofemili and has persistently continued to make life unbearable for the people. The traditional ruler noted that the  kingpin has not set foot in Oba-Ofemili in the last 5 years but used his cronies and partners in crime to instigate kidnappings and other heinous crimes in the community.
Igwe Ezekwesili however expressed joy that Oba-Ofemili community has witnessed modern civilisation under his reign as the traditional ruler of the community.
That Oba-Ofemili community has never seen electricity since the creation of man. But under his watch, electricity supply has come to Oba-Ofemili. He said there was no civic center in the community but since he became the Igwe, Oba-Ofemili now has a civic center.
He also said that there was no corpers’ lodge and no road in Oba-Ofemili but today, there is a corpers’ lodge and a 26 kilometer road fully constructed by the Soludo administration and waiting for commissioning.
Igwe Ezekwesili queried the rationale behind someone who doesn’t come to the village but goes around to say Igwe Ezekwesili Maduagwuna stole his 3000 bags of rice? He said the character in question is his in-law and that the church and other stakeholders have pleaded with him to give peace a chance but he insisted that he would continue to torment and terrorise the people of Oba-Ofemili.
He said, “We are doing well and we are happy with the state government. We are happy with our Deputy Governor Dr. Onyekachukwu Ibezim and also happy with the Deputy Governor of Enugu State. As I speak with you now, about 7 of my people are on awaiting trials at Enugu prisons and on the 23rd of December last year, the same character instigated the illegal arrest of an 85-year-old man, who was later released by the authorities when he was found innocent of the allegations levelled against him.”

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