Anambra: Ojoto Is Moving Forward Under Igwe Gerald Mbamalu — Indigenes Declare 

By Raymond Ozoji, Awka
Despite allegations of flagrant abuse of the Constitution of Ojoto community as well as claims of high-handedness in office by some dissidents, more testimonies of developmental progress have continued to surface as more indigenes testify that Ojoto community is moving forward under His Royal Highness Igwe Gerald Obunadike Mbamalu, Eze Ojoto III.
It would be recalled that some people had staged a protest to the Anambra State Government House Awka to create the impression that Ojoto community was in turmoil and that the traditional ruler should be called to order. The said protesters also submitted a letter to the state government containing allegations they claimed.
Investigations however revealed that those who have been enmeshed in secret plots and clandestine moves to usurp the office of the monarch were the ones claiming that Ojoto is in disarray whereas the community is peaceful with visible concrete developments.
Further investigations also revealed that the authentic youths of Ojoto community led by the Deputy Youth Leader Mr. Dozie Moghalu and Ejike Mokwe the leader of the Otu Omenani Ojoto have equally submitted a counter letter to the Anambra State Government, saying that the youths and the entire people of Ojoto community were solidly behind His Royal Highness Igwe Gerald Obunadike Mbamalu; that the claims of Ojoto community in turmoil by some rebels were all lies from the pit of hell.
Ojoto indigenes who spoke with NewsProbe described Igwe Mbamalu as a symbol of peace and that the people of Ojoto are rejoicing because the righteous is on the throne.
An indigene of Ojoto and former Managing Director of the Anambra Broadcasting Service, Prince Amobi Adirika, said Igwe Mbamalu has about 90% support of the people and they don’t have any problems with him. He said Ojoto community is moving forward progressively with many tarred roads and people related very well with one another.
Adirika however maintained that the claims of protests against the traditional ruler were arrant falsehoods because no such thing ever existed in the community. He said that the traditional ruler has never given unfair judgements in cases brought to him for adjudication and has never trespassed on anyone’s land because Igwe Mbamalu, according to him, is very enlightened and well educated.
The former ABS boss noted that Ojoto community has had two Ofala festivals under Igwe Mbamalu and that more celebrations were coming up because the people collectively endorsed the reign of the current Igwe.
According to him, someone who made futile efforts to become traditional ruler and failed woefully should go and rest and allow the Igwe who is the general consensus and collective mandate of Ndi-Ojoto to reign and rule, adding that there is no such thing as protest in the community and Ojoto, according to him, is moving forward.
Also, Honourable Sir Romeo Anyisia KSM, said the fact remains that sometime in 2017, Eze Ojoto II late Augustine Obidiwe joined his ancestors and according to Igbo customs and tradition, one year period of mourning would be observed after which his last Ofala festival would be performed.
But the then President-General Dr. Edwin Umeghalu began the process for a new Igwe after 28 days when the late Igwe’s last Ofala festival has not been carried out. This move by then PG ignited the first crisis in Ojoto because one Dennis Adindu Okafor capitalised on it and declared himself Igwe-elect which didn’t augur well with the people of Ojoto community.
Thereafter, the Anambra State Government suspended Edwin Umeghalu for initiating crisis in Ojoto community and subsequently instituted a panel of inquiry into the Ojoto Chieftaincy tussle.
Following the findings of the panel, government insisted that a proper selection process for a new traditional ruler should be instituted and in line with the Constitution of Ojoto community. Hence Gerald Obunadike Mbamalu was selected unanimously and overwhelmingly by the people to be the next Eze Ojoto.
Furthermore, it was at the office of the then Deputy Governor that Gerald Obunadike Mbamalu was officially announced as the Igwe and was subsequently issued Certificate of Recognition by the Willie Obiano administration which was celebrated with massive jubilations by Ojoto indigenes.
Anyisia maintained that the recognition of Mbamalu as Eze Ojoto III by the Government of Anambra State didn’t go down well with a certain Dennis Adindu Okafor and his cronies, whom he said had been on vendetta mission against the traditional ruler, using every means possible to cause confusion and rancour in the community to no avail.
Anyisia also corrected the fact that Igwe Mbamalu was not suspended by the Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo administration for conferring chieftaincy titles on non-indigenes of the town. That the traditional ruler was only cautioned and he tendered his apology and the state government accepted it wholeheartedly.
He said those plotting to pull the traditional ruler down were just very few insignificant and inconsequential individuals who had vowed to never see anything good from the reign of Igwe Mbamalu.
He said the community has moved on and at the moment, Ojoto is witnessing a new era of positive changes under Mbamalu, whom he said would be six years old on the throne in April this year.

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