Anambra PDP Hits APGA Again 

Raymond Ozoji, Awka
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has blasted the ruling All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) again, saying this time that the alleged unsuccessful years of the state governor, Chief Willie Obiano, was as a result of the fact that the governor was surrounded by dramatis personae like one Ifeatu Obi-okoye.
The party claimed that the former factional chairman  of PDP in Anambra State, Barr Ifeatu Obi-Okoye has been told that the party has moved on from the destructive level he and his alleged cohorts threw it.
The Publicity Secretary of PDP in Anambra State, Mr Nnamdi Nwangwu, stated this in a press release made available to journalists in Awka yesterday.
The PDP image maker said it is absurd that Obi-Okoye who was a factional chairman of the party when mayhem was visited on the state, still has the audacity to point accusing fingers.
Nwangwu said rather than attempting to pass a negative blanket statement on PDP, the former factional chairman should rather tell Anambra people the role he played during the mayhem if his conscience is still active.
The Publicity Secretary of PDP said the below the bar performance of the government of Chief Willie Obiano may not be unconnected to the fact that he surrounds himself with characters like Ifeatu Obi-Okoye who obviously can not advise any government right.
“Ifeatu Obi-Okoye has transversed almost every political party in the land seeking filthy lucre before he moved to the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). In all his political journey, he has not amounted to anything much and when such spent force is made a Special Adviser, it must be to the detriment of the good people of the state,” Nwangwu noted.
He however placed it on record that PDP has rid itself of persons like Ifeatu Obi-Okoye who is an alleged enemy of anything good.
Nwangwu also pointed out that the present leadership of PDP in Anambra State is devoid of factions as was the case in the days when Obi-Okoye was in charge.
“The person who is most difficult to wake up is a man who is pretending to be sleeping, the PDP under the leadership of Chief Nwobu Ndubishi is united and focused. Elements like Obi-Okoye who are obviously jealous of the giant strides of the transformed PDP can not distract us. But he should wake up to the reality of the moment,” Nwangwu said.
The PDP image maker said instead of Chief Willie Obiano’s attack dogs taking on reputable personalities, they should rather start expending their energies on showing the people of the state what the APGA government is doing, if there is any.
“Ifeatu Obi-Okoye said PDP should be constructive in her criticism of the APGA government, we in PDP would like him to tell us anything that is not true in all we have said about the government of the day.
“We complained about failed infrastructures, decietful and failed MoUs,  multiple taxes and levies,  Ifeatu Obi-Okoye in his tortoise wisdom should tell us which one of these is not true,” Nwangwu stressed.
The PDP spokesperson tasked the party faithful and the good people of the state to be committed to ushering in a fresh breath as eight years of poor governance is bad enough for the state.

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