Anambra Revenue Agency To Recover Unremitted Taxes 

Raymond Ozoji, Awka

The Anambra State Internal Revenue Service has taken a step further to recover unremitted taxes and other funds belonging to the state government.

This was made known by the Chairman of the Anambra State Board of Internal Revenue Service Dr David Nzekwu at a news conference at the Revenue House Awka at the weekend.

He explained that the law required that within six months of commencement of business, such should be registered with the Board of Internal Revenue for the purpose of taxation noting that every employer of labour was an agent of government for the purpose of deducting taxes payable to government especially as it concerned personal income tax and withholding tax respectively.

Nzekwu stated that all the taxes deducted by corporate organizations were supposed to be remitted to the state or federal revenue boards as the case maybe emphasising that there are specified periods in which the returns should be made.

He also disclosed that where a company failed to file in tax returns, such company would be sanctioned accordingly even though he said that there were increased enrollment by individuals and corporate organizations in paying taxes.

The chairman of the Board of Internal Revenue Service noted that the board was working on strategies to streamline revenue collections in Anambra state, stressing that it was the intention of the state revenue service to formalise all sources of revenue collections to ensure that all taxes went to government coffers as well as ensure transparency even as he said that government would introduce a new tax payment system in order to ascertain who makes payment and for what purpose.

The financial expert also pointed out that the board of internal revenue was expected to conduct annual audit of all agents of government charged with deductions and remittance of taxes to government coffers while appealing to business owners across the state  to cooperate with the agents of the Board of Internal Revenue Service when they embark on tax audit from April this year.

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