ASATU Debunks Request For Oil Revenue Proceeds, Vigilante Lists 

By Raymond Ozoji, Awka
Anambra State Association of Town Unions (ASATU) has advised members of the public to disregard any information or directives not emanating from her national secretariat.
National president of the association Chief Titus Nnabuike Akpudo who gave the advice in a press release on Monday in Awka, stated that the national office of ASATU was the only credible source of information for presidents general and the 179 communities in Anambra state.
Akpudo, who responded to a certain request allegedly made by the association where a demand for vigilante list and a certain 9-member 3% oil derivation committee were made, maintained that such information were misleading and did not come from ASATU national office.
The press release reads, “ASATU, an umbrella body of all the 179 town unions in Anambra State, with Presidents General as representatives of these town unions.
As the Association of the grassroots/4th tier of government (the Town Union) is of crucial importance for delivery of dividends of  democracy  from the Governments, Ministries, NGOs, Groups etc to the grassroots.
For convenience, directives are passed down to communities/town unions to PGs through the Association on confirmation and approval of such by her National President.
However, the attention of the Association has been drawn to certain requests made to Presidents General via different sources by some unknown persons or groups which some of them include the following: Submission of list of Vigilante Members, Formation of a 9- Member Committee for 3% Oil Revenue Derivation.
In number 1 above, ASATU had advised her members/communities not to yield to such request, as request was unofficial, and ASATU not being in consonance with such request, as such, should be disregarded with high height of recklessness.
On Formation of a 9- member Committee for 3% Oil Revenue Derivation; the National President of ASATU had equally carried out inquiries from relevant offices including the office of Hon. Commissioner for Petroleum and Mineral Resources, who clearly informed the President that such request did not emanate from his office, that it is a scam, and should be disregarded entirely.
ASATU however, directs and advises Presidents General to henceforth disregard entirely and treat with levity any information that does not emanate from or not approved by ASATU National Secretariat, as such is a scam.
“Chase and arrest any person or groups in communities parading themselves as Agents of the government under the guise of ‘HOSTCOM’. Such persons or groups are fraudsters who are bent on extorting the un-informed/gullible community members.
“Attend to only information coming from ASATU Secretariat and always advise anyone or groups making certain request(s) from them to kindly observe due process by going through the Association,” he said.

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