Atiku Proffers Solutions To Incessant Attacks, Loss Of Lives In Plateau, Others

…urges government to desist from groping in the dark
Former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar has said the random and incessant killings and maiming of scores of people across the country such as recently happened in Barikin Ladi and Bokkos Local Government Areas of Plateau State calls for tougher action by the government in terms of prompt and proactive measures.
Reacting to the incident in Plateau State in a statement in Abuja on Sunday, the former Vice President said that those attacks can be stemmed only when the government shows utmost determination to eliminate the threats by expanding the security architecture in the country and fast-tracking the arrest and prosecution of those involved in such dastardly acts to serve as a deterrent.
He expressed concern about the frequency of these barbaric attacks on innocent people by outlaws, noting that under no circumstances should murderous criminal groups be allowed to take life without immediate consequences from the government.
According to Atiku, the rate at which innocent people are being massacred in Plateau, Kaduna, Zamfara and other areas plagued by insecurity is embarrassing, explaining “only prompt and decisive action by the government can halt this madness.”
He observed that the calls for state police stems from the growing frustration with the government’s seeming helplessness to crush these outlaws.
“The spate of these attacks is also a sad testimonial to decadence in the judiciary, because a situation where criminals are set free by the court without diligent trials is capable of dampening the morale of law enforcement officers and other security agencies.”
Atiku warned that abandoning the people to their own fate in the face of existential threats is not an option because protecting the lives and property of the citizens is a primary responsibility of governments anywhere in the world.
But for his absence, the former Vice President would have visited Plateau to empathise with the people of the affected communities. He, however, prays for the repose of the souls of the deceased, stressing that no resource should be spared in taking care of the maimed and displaced.
Atiku to Govt on New Year: Stop groping in the dark
Meanwhile, it is with great adulation to God and a heart full of gratitude that Atiku joined other patriots to welcome Nigerians to the New Year 2024.
In a statement he personally signed, Atiku said, “The past year was definitely a challenging year, but the lessons that we took away from it are what should prepare us for the  future that the New Year holds.
“It is my belief that one of the reasons the Almighty created time and season is for us to take stock of our realities and effect necessary amends.
“Certainly, many families and businesses already know the intensity of the trying times that we are currently going through – though we could have taken a completely different pathway, had the government been smarter with their policy prescriptions.
“The rising cost of food items, goods and services, the malfunction in our national economy and the degenerating state of our national and community security are all existential challenges that we have to face squarely in the New Year.
“While many companies have closed their operations in Nigeria and moved their enterprise elsewhere with clearer policies and visions, the situation of life for Nigerians keeps getting direr.
“To walk back from these throes  of adversities will require a well-thought vision of National Planning that will deliberately make the common people of Nigeria the centrepiece of our development.
“The Year 2024 is still new on its canvas; and so, there is ample time for the current government to champion a pathway to addressing the acute hardship that Nigerians are going through.
“The government must show a clear direction of its policy projections and desist from the subsisting behaviour of groping in the dark.
“While I congratulate all Nigerians for witnessing this New Year, I also wish to call on everyone to double our efforts to put our respective families and businesses in good shape.”

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