Buhari Will be Reelected in 2019 — Guru MaharajJi

The Living Perfect Master, Guru Maharaj Ji, also called the “Black Jesus” has said that the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari would be reelected in the February 23, 2019 presidential election, which holds this Saturday.

The leader of One Love Family, who stated this  on Wednesday night, when he addressed his members on the political situation in the country, in his Lagos centre at Iju-Ishaga , an outskirt of Lagos, said he had given the presidency to Buhari on account of his  sterling performance in his first-term in office.

NewdProbe reports that Maharaj Ji said that Buhari had been able to  reduce unemployment, fixed infrastructure, the economy, reduced poverty, even as he said that people no longer queue up at the petrol stations to buy fuel.

He is also fighting corruption in the country, hence, he should be given another chance  to complete the good work he started.

He said that one of the key  legacies of Buhari is the Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy which he said, has helped to reduce corruption in the country, even as dismissed the argument that the policy was already in place before Buhari was inaugurated as president.

The  Leader of Love Family  had also, while  revealing his vision for the general elections, in January, in his new year message for Nigeria and by extension Africa and its leaders in 2019, said that he did not see people like Atiku, Ezekwesili, Sowore and others winning the election because, more people would vote for Buhari.

Guru Maharaj Ji said  after the presidential election of 2011, “I said  he (Buhari) would be the president in the next election. I said this several weeks before the 2015 elections. I said, whether they like it or not he would be the next president and it was so.

“I said that because I am the custodian of the subjects of the earth.”

He had  also in an undated press statement titled, “The Road to 2019 Presidential Elections” noted that rotational presidency between the North and South, which  was agreed upon  by the political elite, has become “chop make I chop affair”, adding “in the light of this, it is hypothetical for any southerner to field a candidate let alone desire to contest the presidential elections, because the North has to complete its second tenure for now until we change the rule.”

In other words, the South should allow the North to serve out their time, and by implication, Buhari should be allowed to complete the  eight years for the North.

He said in the meantime, other presidential aspirants  in the race should “go and clear themselves with the EFCC and the ICPC before  the presidential election.”

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