Publisher’s Corner

Can A Ruler’s Ailments Be Disclosed In Law?

[By OLU ONAGORUWA] Recently, Professor John Kibukamusoke, personal doctor to General Idi Amin, mercurial President of Uganda, made several serious revelations in the London Observer about the medical history of his patient, the President. These medical disclosures were not only revealing, but were staggering in that they gave the world, and Africa in particular, an unusual insight into the schizophrenic, murderously temperamental, ...

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Hiring Pastors To Fight Criminals

  [ By CASMIR IGBOKWE] Mr. Konbowei Benson is worried, seriously worried. Each day he wakes up, he sees or hears the exploits of kidnappers in his constituency. Armed robbers operate with impunity. Pirates, ritual killers and rapists are on the prowl. The worst is that the youths of the region struggle to acquire powers of invincibility. They have transported ...

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