Come To My Temple And See How Herbs Can Contain Coronavirus, Prophet Tells Obiano

Raymond Ozoji, Awka

Prophet Dr. Ramas Okoye Asuzu, a traditional medicine man of 35 years standing has challenged Governor Willie Obiano to visit his Liberation Temple of Absolute God situated at Uruofolo village Nri Anaocha local government area of Anambra state to pick samples of his drugs and subject them to laboratory testing for possible solution to the coronavirus pandemic.

Although Ramas says he is not God, he believes also that if the Anambra State Government ceases to play the doubting Thomas and pay heed to the efficacy of native medicine as well as its potent nature in the cure and treatment of ailments and diseases, the deadly contagious coronavirus wouldn’t be a hard nut to crack provided the state government was willing to give alternative medicine a chance to prove its supremacy over viral infections like the current COVID-19 palaver.

The renowned traditionalist who berated the outright neglect of herbal medicine practitioners by the Anambra State Government, noted that traditional religion has been relegated to the background unlike China, India and other Asian countries that hold their traditional worship on a very high esteem as evident in their use of herbs to attend to their health needs.

Hence Prophet Ramas expressed confidence in the ability of alternative medicine to thrive where orthodox medical practice has fallen short of the expectations of the people. Though he described the coronavirus pandemic as a devilish disease from the pit of hell, he pointed out that the present circumstance was indeed a veritable opportunity to tap into the numerous free gifts of nature to save the entire universe from the terminal consequences of the contagious COVID-19 disease.

Ramas said, “COVID-19 is a devilish virus but I believe that very soon it will be forgotten in the world. COVID-19 came so that governnent will see the need to invest in research in the health sector. The United Nations, World Health Organization should consult people like us who have the knowledge of plants to contribute the little we know in solving social pandemics like the coronavirus.

“Not being a professor from American or London university does not preclude me from offering my quota in shutting down coronavirus. They should come and try me and I will release knowledge to them free of charge. I am a grandmaster of the earth.”

The famous native doctor emphasized that there was need for Governor Willie Obiano to visit his Liberation Temple of Absolute God in his Uruofolo country home of Anaocha council area for him to have eloquent testimonies of what roots and herbs can do to control and contain the spread of coronavirus and other killer diseases, stressing that his track records in traditional medicine practice speak volumes of his wealth of experience in herbalism.

According to him, “Sometimes, some native doctors boast a lot like pastors claiming to cure this and that and many of them are quacks. That’s why I said when governnent officials come, I will give them samples of what I have and they will go and confirm them in their labs.

“Since I came back to the East, I have never claimed that I am God but if the governnent is serious, the Anambra State Ministry of Health through the Special Adviser to the Governor on Indigenous Medicine should visit me in my palace because I have a lot to offer to Ndi-Anambra.

“I am not claiming to cure anything but I have wisdom, being a spiritual consultant for 35 years. It is only in the southeast that state governments do not support herbal medicine practitioners. Rather than invest money on research to improve herbal medicine practice, they only stockpile money for elections and political activities. That is what I am against. This coronavirus pandemic is a time to test whether Nigerain leaders truly have the interest of the masses at heart because they no longer feel the impact of  democracy dividends.”

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