Coronavirus: Anambra Assembly Makes Case For Quarantine Centres

Raymond Ozoji, Awka

The Anambra State House of Assembly yesterday made a fervent case for the establishment of quarantine centres across the state for isolation of proven cases of infectious diseases.

The call became poignant because of the public outcry on spread of contagious diseases like the coronavirus and Lassa Fever epidemic threatening the very existence of humanity.

Lawrence Ezeudu of Dunukofia state constituency who sponsored the motion on the setting up of isolation centres, said it was necessary to curtail and contain the spread of such deadly contagious diseases. The lawmaker noted that the state government should not dilly-dally in responding to the call because it was cheaper to prevent the spread of a disease than looking for a cure after the harm has already been done.

Edward Ibuzo of Onitsha-North 2 state constituency in supporting the motion for the setting up of isolation centres in the state, noted that life has no spare and as such the state government has to be more proactive in responding to public health emergencies.

Ibuzo talked about preventive and curative medicine but stressed the need for preventive measures to contain epidemics. He also frowned on the absence of laboratories in the local government councils, noting that there was need for apparatus for testing and that having quarantine centres in the state would be most advantageous.

The lawmaker representing Orumba-North state constituency Hon Emeka Aforka stressed that Anambra state should take the lead in the establishment of quarantine centres in the country because the state can not bring herself to face what China is currently facing.

Majority Leader of the House, Hon. Nnamdi Okafor in his candid opinion noted that firebrigade approach to issues was not a veritable way to profer solution. According to him, quarantine centres were very important to contain dire health emergency situations.

Okafor recalled that during the Ebola health crisis, Anambra state had no practical solution but pointed out that isolation centres were proactive steps government could adopt in readiness for possible outbreaks of contagious diseases.

The Deputy Speaker of the House and lawmaker representing Ihiala 2 state constituency, Rt. Hon. Paschal Agbodike is of the opinion that as it stands at the moment, there is no known cure yet for Lassa Fever in Nigeria and that the most trending disease threatening the world today is the coronavirus.

Agbodike observed that the rate at which coronavirus is spreading globally is very alarming. He said that there is a possibility of the virus coming into Nigeria because Nigerians travel all over the world and that Anambra state is part of Nigeria.

The Deputy Speaker stated that the state assembly calls on the executive arm of the governnent to take proactive measures to prevent the spread of the disease and other contagious diseases, in case they come into Anambra state.

Thereafter, the Speaker of the state assembly, Rt. Hon. Uche Okafor read out the resolution of the House. The resolution reads, “Be it therefore resolved that the state house of assembly calls on the governor of Anambra state, His Excellency Chief Sir Dr. Willie Maduabrochukwu Obiano, to direct the commissioner for health, land and housing to as a matter of urgency map out a span of land and construct a quarantine that would serve as a zone in an event of health emergency.”

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