Coronavirus Will Subside But Will Not Die, Says Adeboye

Speaking at the studio of the church’s TV station, today, Adeboye, who also revealed that God had told him earlier in the year that the world would observe a compulsory public holiday, said: “When I told you to fast for 50 days, earlier this year, you didn’t argue with me, you obeyed even when we still fasted last November.

“Earlier this year, God told me that the world would be on a ‘compulsory holiday’. I didn’t know what that means and I didn’t say it out so as not to inflict fear. Maybe people would have blamed me for saying such today.”

Revealing when the pandemic will subside, rather than die, the revered clergyman added: “As soon as God is through proving His point, Coronavirus will subside. I didn’t say coronavirus will die. In fact, let me say it in the local parlance – ‘na lie’. Coronavirus will only subside. It has come to stay. But relax, you are going to be safe.”

Sunday Sun

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