Covid-19: Igbo Leader Urges Non-Closure Of Inter-State Borders

Raymond Ozoji, Awka

The spiritual leader of the Igbo nation, Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka, has appealed to State Governors across the federation to drop the reported plans to close inter-state borders because according to him, the closure could be to the detriment of the masses who will face the consequences mostly in stopping the movement of essential goods from one State of Nigeria to another.

Speaking to journalists in Oba, Ezeonwuka said his attention has been drawn to the report making the round that State Governors are about to close or have closed inter-state borders as part of measures to curtail the spread of coronavirus in Nigeria. However, he is uncomfortable with the report because the masses may face an unbearable hardship as a result of the closure because the States of Nigeria exchange goods and services.

While commending the Governors for the efforts they have made against the spread of coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria, he gave example of how traders from warri, Benue and other States come to Onitsha to buy household needs like provisions, cosmetics, electrical and electronics goods among other things and Onitsha traders go to same other states to buy food stuff as well.

The Igbo leader however suggested in the alternative that instead of closing State borders, Governors should rather adopt preventive measures such as reducing the number of passengers on transist from one State to another, ensure that mass transit coys have hygienic measures and approve vehicles to convey goods on waybill from one State to the other.

“As a spiritual leader, I want to appeal to the State Governors to reverse the plan of closing inter-state borders because it will bring untold hardship on the masses. You can close the borders linking Nigeria with other countries but the idea of closing inter-state borders is not advisable because of the nature of the States, there are daliy needs among the States and which doesn’t have to be interupted,” he added.

He also demanded improved power and gas supply for the people to be able to cope with possible lockdown noting that lockdown without power supply will make life uncomfortable for the people.

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