Don’t Hand Over A Sick Country To A Sick Man, Obi Declares At UNN

…says a new Nigeria is possible 

Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, in Enugu in continuation of his countrywide campaigns arrived in his alma mater, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, UNN, warning against handing over a sick country to a sick man.

Obi during his interaction with the UNN business School and other egg heads of the great institution warned, “This country is sick and should not be handed over to a sick person. I am not saying that anyone is sick. We have been here for over two hours, we don’t want people who can’t stand for 30 minutes.”

He also said that character and trust should be things to look out for in this recruitment era to avoid plunging this country into further mess, pointing out that the identity of whoever wants to lead this country must be thoroughly examined with nothing to hide.

“In United States during election, they go for debates, somebody once asked Barack Obama questions that are personal and he answered. But here in Nigeria, somebody wants to contest election, we don’t know his real age, we don’t know his name, we don’t know the schools he attended. Nobody knows his real identity and he is
pushing to lead everybody.”

The former Anambra state Governor said that what we need for the job of Nigeria President is character and people we can’t trust.

“My name is Peter Obi, I can say I went to CKC, went to University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Both the VC today, the DVC today, these are my school mates. We came into University the same year and left the same year. The people I went to school, I can see them here today, my seniors and my juniors. How come we now have people who do not have classmate. This is very important.”

The LP standard-bearer said that everybody shouldn’t have to go to formal education but their record must be straight. “Afe Babalola once told me he never had the opportunity of going to a formal school. There is nothing wrong in that. There are so many people who have done well in life and never went to formal school”.

Obi spoke on the issue of corruption and Nigerians should watch out for person’s antecedents not on what they claim they will do. “If you say you will fight corruption, let’s go to the road you have passed and see what is remaining there after you left.”
He reiterated his earlier position that, “this year’s election must be based on competence as it requires physical and mental energy, not a retirement job.”

A new Nigeria is possible, Obi assures Enugu people

Meanwhile, the Labour Party Presidential Candidate Mr. Peter Obi campaign rally in Enugu, the capital of Eastern region, was unprecedented in all ramifications as supporters overwhelmed him in all the points he visited with security operatives having a hectic day controlling crying and cheering supporters who struggled to have a glimpse of him.

Addressing a rally of mammoth supporters at Michael Okpala square, Obi declared to the jubilant organic crowd that a new Nigeria is possible, noting however that we first have to remove failed leaders.

“A new Nigeria is possible. You can’t drive from here to Onitsha. After 24 years they can’t complete Enugu to Onitsha, 200 kilometres road. 24 years they can’t complete Enugu to Port Harcourt, 159 kilometers. And they still want power again, to do what?”

Obi said he is in the race to rescue Nigeria. “Someone called my attention to a publication that says my company has been frozen in United Kingdom, I laughed because I left UK since 2006. I told the white man that I am done with your country, I am going back to my country. I don’t have any residence permit of any other country.”

The former Anambra state governor said that if given the mandate he and his Vice Yusuf Baba- Ahmad ,“will secure and unite Nigeria, we will ensure that police will become your friend. We will recruit more people at all levels of our security agencies, we will look after them and we will insure them in case anything happens to them or their families. So they will do their work. We will ensure there is rule of law in Nigeria.”

Obi assured the people that his government will restructure the international airports in Enugu, Abuja, Lagos, Kano and Port Harcourt to make it competitive with others across the globe.

“If we are in government, if you are in South East, you don’t need to go anywhere to fly to any part of the world. People will fly from Abuja to any part of the world. They will from Lagos, Kano, Port Harcourt to every part of the world because the country will be booming again.”

The VP Candidate in his own remarks at the rally said that beside, “Peter Obi, any other person contesting election in 2023 is deceiving himself. Peter Obi is one exemplary Nigerian who is moving Nigeria from disunity to unity. He will take Nigeria from consumption to production.”

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