El-Rufai: CCB Chairman Shuns Kaduna Court Order

The Chairman, Code of Conduct Bureau, CCB, today appeared through representation before Kaduna State High Court pleading for extension of date to make available the documents requested by the court.

Kaduna High court 2 sitting in Kaduna, on a case between El-Rufai and The Union newspapers, on 8th August 2018, issued warrant of arrest against the CCB Chairman for refusing to obey the court order to furnish it with the said documents several times without success, but refused to come in person.

Represented by Temitope Adeyemi, a staff member from Kaduna State council of CCB, the Chairman said he resumed office just in November 2018, and needed time to recover the assets or documents so requested, and bring it to the court in next adjournment.

Adeyemi, in a case which came up for continuation of defense on Wednesday, shocked the court when he said that he didn’t come with the documents.

“I didn’t come to court with any document. The chairman said I should take a new date for him to recover the documents and bring it to the court. There is crisis, the staff were on strike, that he is new in office, he resumed just November 2018 and needs time to recover. He promised to make them available next sitting”, he said.

Indeed, CCB made a commitment that it’ll return the documents to the court 2 as requested, when reminded by the the defendant lawyer Barr. H. Andrew Abuul.

Both plaintiff, (El-Rufai) lawyer, O. C Ehikhioya and the defendants lawyer Barr. Abuul who expressed satisfaction with the court proceeding and steps taken by CCB, however traded applications for motion that will be moved in the next adjourned date, although the content was not made public.

The session was later adjourned to 2nd May 2019, by the Judge, Justice Mairo Mohammed.

El-Rufai had sued The Union claiming the newspaper made false publication about his asset declaration.

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