Election: Commotion, Gunshots In Okota, Lagos As Thugs Disrupt Voting

Some thugs suspected to be working for the All Progrrssives Congress disrupted the ongoing  presidential and national assembly elections in the Okota area of Lagos.

Newsprobe reporter who monitored the election said the thugs had gone to some polling units such as Century and Baba Ewe units to intimidate voters earlier in the morning. They  threatened voters to leave the voting area and that those who didn’t vote for APC would die.

The voters who are predominantly Igbo, stood their ground and vowed to stay on and exercise their franchise. Police later arrived and picked some of the thugs.

Trouble however started when, around 1pm, the thugs regrouped and chased away voters who had queued to vote. They threw away the ballot boxes and burnt some of them.

Some young men who came to vote, fought back and almost killed one of the thugs. One of their motorcycles was set ablaze.At this point, the police who earlier intervened in the morning were nowhere to go seen.

However, one police van arrived later and took the thug who was almost killed away. The voters regrouped and started chanting, ^We must vote, we must vote!”

The situation is still rowdy as at press time.

Bollot boxes and papers destroyed by thugs in Okota, Lagos

Motorcycle of one of the thugs burnt by angry voters in Okota, Lagos

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