Ex-Anambra Council Chairman Assaults Woman In Hotel 

Raymond Ozoji, Awka

It took the timely intervention of the former Senior Special Adviser on Political Matters Comrade Chinedu Obidigwe to quell what would have culminated into a physical combat between the immediate past local govermment chairman of Anambra-west and a lady at Prince Paradise hotel Awka.

The friends and supporters of the ex-SSA on Political Matters who is currently gunning for the Anambra-east and West federal constituency seat in the 2019 general elections, had converged on Prince Paradise hotel Awka to felicitate with the newly appointed transition committee chairman of Onitsha-North council area, when the former Anambra-west council boss who was not returned by the governor, slapped a lady with on her face for an excuseable offence.

The ocassion had gone on peacefully while Obidigwe addressed the people who listened to him with avid attentiveness when suddenly the former Anambra-west council chairman hit the lady on her face for allegedly using wrong choice of words to address him in the glare of others who apparently were taken aback by the display of uncultured attitude of the former local govermment chairman.

Some people who spoke on the issue maintained that the ex-council chairman was over-reactive for him to have pounced on a lady in the manner he did judging from the fact that he was a public official and should have control over his emotions and temperaments and not being volatile irrespective of the level of provocation from a woman.

Although Obidigwe held the situation under control in the interim, before long the lady who was assaulted by the former local government chairman put a phone call across to the police which saw the arrival of security agents to the hotel.

Obidigwe however explained to the police that there was no cause for agitation as the issue has been handled promptly with amicable settlement stressing that it was a minor issue that has been taken care of and should not be escalated, even as he informed the police that there was no fracas whatsoever except the victory get-together and reception in honour of the new Onitsha-North TC chairman.

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