Exclusion From $22.7bn Loan Projects: CEFARRD Wants S/East Lawmakers To Walk Out Of National Assembly

The Centre for African Rennaisance, Reformation and Development (CEFARRD) has decried the complete exclusion of the South-East region from the projects to be financed by the $22.7bn loan the Federal Government intends to procure. The group says it expects all members of the national assembly from the South-East to stage a walk-out from the Chambers sessions until this grave injustice is corrected.

In a statement made available to NewsProbe today, the Founder and President of CEFARRD, Dr. Chidi Okpaluba, said he also expected every fair minded Nigerian to be deeply concerned that anybody could even think like this in this present day Nigeria.

He added, “It is this type of treatment that continues to deepen the unnecessary division within us and fuels the agitation for self determination.

“We must know that there can’t be true prosperity without justice and equity.

“Nigeria cannot attain it’s potentials until every part of this nation is unleashed to flourish in its own.

“The stranglehold of some archaic and out dated policies that ensured that the south east does not have a sea port or a functional international airport is strangulating the entire Nigerian economy.

“For Nigeria to truly prosper, almost every part of Nigeria must prosper.

“Nigeria even needs the prosperity of its neighboring countries to actually prosper, and much more the prosperity of its member states.

“We are like a chain and our strength is measured by the strength of our weakest link.

“It is therefore to our enlightened interest to get every part of this country to prosper and function effectively.”

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