First Online Marketplace For Cars Launched In Nigeria

AfriCarGroup, part of Emerging Classifieds Ventures, an Australian start-up, leader in operating online marketplaces for cars and real estate in early stage emerging markets around the world, managing more than 110 websites in 90 different countries, has launched the first online marketplace for cars in Nigeria, called

The online website allows local individual sellers as well as car dealers to easily, quickly and securely sell their vehicles (cars, motorbikes and trucks) using the platform, and finding buyers more quickly than before. With an experience gained through other frontier markets around the world, AfriCarGroup is offering local car dealers a SaaS CRM platform for local car dealers to better manage their inventory as well as their leads, and become more efficient in the way they manage their sales, prospects and customers.

In a statement made available to NewsProbe on Tuesday, Morgane Loge who is in charge of the Marketing, Communications & PR of the company says, “With more than 12 million cars currently on the roads of Nigeria, second hand cars is a booming business in the country, as anyone can see in the streets of Abuja nowadays. Those cars being a mix of local second hand cars and imported ones coming from various parts of the world.

“ allows individual local sellers as well as professionals to find their buyer in a more efficient way, using the efficiency of the online platform and its ecosystem, including its social network presence. Emerging Classifieds Ventures Pty Ltd – Level 29, 20 Bond Street, 2000 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Sellers can use the website’s different advertising options to promote their listings and sell their goods faster, with a mix of online advertising and social media distribution.

“ is available for desktop users as well as mobile phone users, as more than 46% of Nigeria’s internet users use it with their smartphones. With now about 94 million internet users in Nigeria, including more than 12% of the country population on social media (about 24 million users), Nigerians are more and more using online services to buy and sell goods. Social media users in Nigeria have grown by 26% since January 2018, which shows that the country’s social media development keeps progressing fastly.

“Online platforms like allow local users to get more efficient in buying and selling goods locally, as well as bringing them more transparency in prices, more options and better prices, and bringing more trust in the transaction. Emerging Classifieds Ventures and AfriCarGroup are operating similar platforms for cars and real estate in other emerging markets around the world, and see the use of these platforms as a global trend.”

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