Former US First Lady Barbara Bush Passes Away At 92

Barbara Bush has passed away at the respectable age of 92. She died at her home in Houston, Texas on Tuesday and soon after, an official statement was released from her husband President George H.W. Bush’s office.

“A former first lady of the United States of America and relentless proponent of family literacy, Barbara Pierce Bush passed away Tuesday, April 17, 2018, at the age of 92,” the announcement read.

As you may already be aware, earlier in the week, it was revealed that Barbara Bush, who served the country alongside her husband from 1989 to 1993, had decided to not receive any treatment for her bad health anymore.

“Following a recent series of hospitalizations, and after consulting her family and doctors, Mrs. Bush, now age 92, decided not to seek additional medical treatment and will instead focus on comfort care. It will not surprise those who know her that Barbara has been a rock in the face of her failing health, worrying not for herself – thanks to her abiding faith – but for others. She’s surrounded by a family she adores, and appreciates the many kind messages and especially the prayers she’s receiving,” the previous statement read.

Barbara Bush has left behind a very big and loving family.

She is survived by the man she was married to for 73 years, five children, 17 grandchildren and seven great-grandkids!

In recent months, other iconic figures have also passed away, including Hugh Hefner, Tom Petty, Della Reese, John Mahoney, Shelley Berman, David Cassidy and Jerry Lewis.

Rest in Peace, Barbara Bush! You will be greatly missed!

(Celebrity Insider)

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