FRSC To Apprehend Govt Officials Covering Vehicle Number Plates In Anambra

Raymond Ozoji, Awka

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) says it will not hesitate to apprehend government officials and other individuals covering vehicle number plates in Anambra state.

The commission posited that it was criminal and unlawful for people to cover their vehicle number plates while using the roads and that such practice was suggestive of an ulterior motive on the part of the culprits.

Speaking with newsmen at the headquarters of the commission in Awka, Anambra sector commander Mr. Sunday Michael Ajayi said it was pertinent to draw attention to vehicle number plate violation in the state especially as it concerned government officials noting that covering of vehicle number plates is not permitted by law.

The sector commander also explained that using one number plate for two vehicles, improvision of fake number plates and a host of other maladies were associated with vehicle number plate violation in Anambra state.

The sector commander pointed out that cases of fake vehicle number plates were not rampant but that inadequacies in registration and use of number plates were on the high side. He stressed that as a local measure to curb vehicle number plate violation, the commission has set-up an online enforcement to check vehicles in order to ascertain their registration status.

Ajayi emphasized that “it is inappropriate for us to buy number plates like we buy yam in the market” noting that vehicle owners should endeavour to go to the motor licensing office where appropriate registration is done. He noted that number plate is a security document.

While urging the motoring public to do the right thing and avoid the wrath of the law, the sector commander made it pointblank that only criminals cover plate numbers even as he stated that the commission employed inter-agency relationship to caution government officials to desist from covering plate numbers on their vehicles.

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