Girl Raped By Nine Men In Single Night Says Abusers Queued On Stairs

A 14-year-old girl raped by nine men in one night said the next day she went to school “like nothing had happened”.

The unnamed victim from Telford, United Kingdom, was snared by evil paedophile Shahzad ‘Keith’ Khan, who operated a child sex ring from an empty council property where he subjected dozens of youngsters to terrifying ordeals.

According to police statements and the victim’s testimony, Khan took the virginity of the 14-year-old girl, now in her 30s, and then made up to £2,000 a night selling her for sex with scores of men.

She was even sexually abused within hours of having an abortion.

The victim told us how she first fell into Khan’s clutches.

She said: “I was already being abused and I didn’t understand what was happening to me.

“No one talked about grooming back then, or showed us how to spot the signs.

“I first met Keith in the street and he told me because I had a reputation anyway I might as well get paid for it.

“He told me about all of these older girls I knew from school and how they were doing it too and making loads of money.”

It was the beginning of a three-year ordeal which left the young victim suicidal and broken.

She described being forced to have sex with multiple men in restaurants, houses and fast food joints and even being trafficked to Birmingham for more abuse.

The girl said: “One night, I was taken to a takeaway and forced to have sex with nine men in a row. I just switched off.

“As one man raped me, the next one would be queuing up on the stairs.

“The next day, I went to school like nothing had happened.”

She told how Khan would loiter in betting shops looking for men who had won cash before offering his teenage sex slave to them for money.

He charged “clients” up to £200 for sex but, after taking his cut and charging expenses like petrol, would leave his victim with £30.

Khan would punish her if the men did not finish quickly while he waited outside in his black Mercedes.

Eventually, when she was 18, the girl escaped to Birmingham after she overdosed in an unsuccessful suicide bid.

Police were tipped off about Khan as far back as 1996 but he was allowed to run his ‘Rape House’ for years.

He regularly picked up one sex slave outside a local police station.

A golden chance to nail him and a string of other men went begging in 2013 when a police case collapsed.

The monster’s son and nephew, who regularly stayed at the terraced house, have since been caged for sex crimes.

Yet brazen Khan operated under the noses of authorities in the area and was even featured in his local paper as a pillar of the community.

He was described as a “generous” bird lover who fed pigeons to help him get over a cancer ordeal.

Our investigators discovered Khan was reported to police over sex abuse fears in the mid 1990s.

Officers were tipped off by a female neighbour who believed he was selling young girls in the town for sex.

She had seen him take a 12-year-old girl from a children’s home into a car.

The neighbour said: “I told a police officer at Donnington Police Station what Khan was doing. I even told them that he’d offered my brother sex with an underage girl.

“Nothing was done. They told me they couldn’t prosecute him as they’d never have enough evidence. I got the feeling they were brushing me off.”

He was later reported to officers by a child sex victim whose police case files have been seen by our team.

But no charges were brought against Khan.

Khan died in 2015 aged 61 without ever having faced justice over the sex abuse ring.

He had targeted girls as early as 1981, shortly after moving to Britain from Pakistan.

Khan, then in his 20s, was known to have prowled the streets with a fellow alleged sex offender. He targeted a 15-year-old girl and went on to have children with her.

The girl sold for £2,000 a night never saw justice. In 2010, she spoke to a team of officers linked to Operation Chalice, which had identified around 100 victims and almost 200 suspected abusers.

But despite the scale of the probe a group prosecution in 2012 led to the jailing of just seven men.

Khan’s victim gave so much detail on her ordeal at the hands of more than 100 men that she was given her own investigation team under Operation Signal.

But this collapsed before charges could be brought before a court.

(Mirror online)

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