Group Urges Nigerians To Resist Onnoghen’s Sack, Describes It As Corruption

The Coalition of Ethnic Nationalities for the Atiku Agenda (CENTAA) has condemned the unceremonious dismissal of the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Mr. Walter Onnoghen, saying it rubbished the sacrifice of the heroes of democracy, and should be resisted.

CENTAA said that the step signified a descent into anarchy and clearly made nonsense of the efforts and sacrifices of Nigerians who fought for the entrenchment of this Republic.

“Buhari is showing the symptoms of dictatorship and totalitarian governance and he must be stopped,” CENTAA said, in a statement Monday by its President, Honourable Adeoye Jolaosho.

It described as “corruption” the ruling party’s unrelenting schemes to subjugate the two other arms of government.

It noted: “This entire proceeding by APC is the worst form of corruption, this inordinate commitment towards blacklisting the Legislature and the Judiciary, this strange assault on the delicate walls of the separation of powers. This undeserved holier-than-thou posturing of the APC goes against all the norms of democracy.”

CENTAA said that the Executive had crushed Onnoghen in a manner that usurped the powers of the National Assembly and the National Judicial Council.

It further accused APC of undermining the independence and dignity of the courts just to guarantee electoral victories for its candidate in the polls.

“What has happened is that the ruling APC is attempting to sacrifice the CJN on the altar of its selfish ambition to unduly dominate and rig the 2019 elections,” CENTAA said.

Recalling that lives were lost during the fight by pro-democrats for June 12 and democracy, the support group said that the dismissal of the CJN made nonsense of the people’s fight against military hegemony and tyranny under Generals Ibrahim Babangida and Sani Abacha.

“How could we have fought Babangida and Abacha to a standstill over June 12 only to come and suffer tyranny and dictatorship under the civilian regime of Muhammadu Buhari?” Jolaosho lamented.

CENTAA urged true democrats to rise up for the consolidation of the country’s democracy in the coming elections by rallying Nigerians to vote out tyranny and impunity at all levels.

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