How PDP Government Killed, Maimed, Kidnapped Innocent Anambra Citizens — Obi-Okoye 

Raymond Ozoji, Awka
Ifeatu Obi-okoye, Special Adviser to Governor Willie Obiano on political matters, has lambasted the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), saying that the party unleashed terror and mayhem on innocent Anambra citizens when it was in power.
Obi-okoye’s outburst was informed by the new year message released by the state chairman of the PDP in Anambra, Chief Ndubisi Nwobu, which claimed that Anambra state was facing trying times under the present All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) led state government, following alleged misappropriation of resources by the state governor.
The governor’s aide whose reaction to PDP’s new year bombshell was contained in a press statement made available to journalists in Awka yesterday, said that the party should be reminded that Anambra citizens have not forgotten the dark days of jungle justice and misrule of the PDP led administration, where innocent citizens were allegedly killed, maimed and hostage-taking became the order of the day.
Obi-okoye’s reaction reads,  “Regrettably,  I have referred to Chief Ndubuisi Nwobu as the factional chairman of PDP in Anambra State. I say so ,because barely a week ago a High Court had nullified the contraption which installed him as State chairman of PDP, and declared one Chief 0guebego as the authentic chairman of PDP in Anambra State.
“Be that as it may, we would advise the opposition, particularly the PDP, to be more constructive in its criticisms and shun infantile tendencies which do not promote the wellbeing of the good people of Anambra State.
“The present APGA led state government, under the watch of Governor Willie 0biano,  has without doubt,  set the bar of leadership, social and economic development in Anambra State on a high pedestal that has attracted national and international attention and acclaim, hence,  any unbridled criticism by the opposition must be based on the parameters of achievement attained by the Governor Willie 0biano led administration.
“Therefore the opposition, and more so, the PDP must offer genuine and constructive alternatives to the high leadership and developmental achievements of this administration under Governor Willie 0biano.
“Hence,  the PDP opposition,  must explain and offer to the people of Anambra State, better alternatives,  and how differently they can achieve better developmental goals for our people, different and more sustainable than the achievements attained in Anambra State in the last 5 years under Governor Willie 0biano.
“The PDP must for instance,  tell us how they intend to provide a  better secured environment different and more cogent than the High Security gains achieved in Anambra State under Governor Willie 0biano.
“In this regard,  the PDP  must be reminded that the good people of Anambra State have not forgotten the dark days of misrule under PDP when primitive measures such as the use of the bakassi boys was offered by PDP administration in Anambra state as their solution to  security issues.
“We have not forgotten that the same bakassi boys were unleashed by the PDP on the good people of Anambra state as an instrument of terror and vendetta against the opposition. We have not forgotten  the abduction and gruesome murder of Barrister Igwe and his pregnant wife under the watch of a PDP Government, for his opposition on the policies of the PDP Government in Anambra State at the time.
“Neither have we forgotten the politically sponsored assassinations, such as that of Chief Odimegwu, a PDP stalwart from Ekwulumi in Nnewi South LGA, nor the assassination of Igwe FFBC Nwankwo of Nawfia, all under the watch of a PDP led governnent in Anambra State.
“Similarly we have not forgoten that it was under PDP  that a sitting Governor was abducted and brazenly removed from office in the most crude and unconstitutional manner. Neither have we forgotten how PDP thugs aided by the then MOPOL commander in Anambra State, set fire on notable public buildings, such as the ABS, governnent house, set government vehicles on-fire,  killed and maimed innocent people of Anambra State.
“We can go on and on, but for now,  we must advise the PDP that the people of Anambra State have since been liberated from the shackles of Godfatherism, politically motivated insecurity, mindless assassinations, directionless drift and criminal misrule inflicted on the good people of Anambra State during the dark days of PDP administration in Anambra State and never again shall our civil servants be owed monthly salaries for upwards of eleven months as was in the days of PDP administration.
“Never again shall our children be locked out of school for almost a year, nor our pensioners be referred as “dead woods”, as these remain the unfortunate legacies of the PDP misrule in Anambra State. Never again, as the people of Anambra State would commonly say tufiakwa!”

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