HURIDE  Lauds Obiano  Over Ingenious Handling Of  Covid-19 Pandemic

Raymond Ozoji, Awka

Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State has been commended for the ingenious manner he managed the Covid-19 pandemic in the State.

The  Human Rights, Liberty Access, and Peace, Defenders ‘Foundation (HURIDE), which made the  commendation, said because of the professional and humane way Governor Obiano handled Covid-19 pandemic in the State, there was no spiking of the pandemic, while the people did not suffer unnecessarily as in other states like traders, schools and other other business interests stakeholders.

The Governor said the group, in a statement signed by Dede Uzor A Uzor, chairman, Board of Trustees (BoT) of HURIDE in Awka has always believed in delicate balancing in the management of the pandemic to reduce the spread of the pandemic and the economic impact on the citizens.

They noted that when others completely knocked down, the Governor understood the peculiarity of the  economy of his State and the adverse impact it would have had on the people and ordered the opening of churches and markets but with full compliance of Covid-19 protocols.

Although these measures drew flaks for Governor Obiano, he was later to be proved right because the measures reduced hunger and hardship associated with the pandemic without the spread of the pandemic.

When several States and Federal Government were still  contemplating when to resume schools, Anambra State Government went ahead to open the gates of its schools for their students.

There have been flurry of announcement since then by various other states, an indication that the Governor took the right step.

However, the group noted that the pandemic exposed the inadequacy of the State health sector and therefore urged him to do something urgent to upgrade the State health delivery especially with serious terminal diseases like liver diseases, ulcers, serious accident emergencies equipment, management of prostrate disease among other terminal illnesses.

HURIDE called on the Governor to also direct his focus to sports developmemt, stressing that Anambra State that was known for sports especially football has now taken the back seat.

They therefore called for the opening of sports facilities closed down during the pandemic, apart from constructing new sports facilities.

The human rights body urged Governor Obiano to make haste and fix the bad roads dotted all over the State to ameliorate the suffering of its citizens.

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