Igbo-Ukwu For Soludo Solution

…as Promoters of SPF storm the ancient community

By Christian Aburime

As the Promoters of the Soludo Promoters Forum (SPF) formally inaugurate the Forum in Igbo-ukwu community this Saturday, 28 November, 2020; the ancient community sure holds a great potential envisioned in the Prof Soludo’s Anambra Smart Megacity plan.

This is so because the historic community of Igbo-Ukwu is globally known as the place archeological finds were first discovered in 1939 when an Igbo farmer named Isaiah Anozie chanced upon several bronze objects as he was digging a cistern to hold water in the dry season.

However, it was not until 1959 that the archaeologist Thurstan Shaw excavated the site and discovered that it must have been part of a storehouse for ritual objects.

Dated to the 9th or 10th century A.D, the Igbo-Ukwu community represents one of the earliest examples of bronze casting in sub-Sahara Africa.

The formal excavations by the archaeologist Thurstan Shaw in 1959 reveals the remains of an ancient culture.

Artifacts excavated included jewelry, ceramics, a corpse adorned in what appears to be regalia and many assorted bronze, copper and iron objects.

Historians believed that this findings contain materials that are evidence of a long-distance trading system extending to Egypt.

The foregoing authentically shows that the Igbo-Ukwu community and its culture was the earliest known example of bronze casting in the eastern region of Nigeria.

Historians also believed that craftsmen were already working centuries in the Igbo-Ukwu community before those who made the more well known Ife bronzes in the Western part of the country.

With the above background, Igbo-Ukwu no doubt is a great potential goldmine in Anambra state ready to be fully explored to boost tourism and bronzes making in the state.

Tourism, for instance, can contribute significantly to the state revenue, economic growth, balance of payments and direct foreign investment.

These are part of what the Anambra Smart Megacity plan will engender when finally put in place.

In the new world economy, where oil is fast eroding and earnings from it plummeting everyday, tourism could jolly well be the big earner in the coming years.

So, its importance certainly cannot be over-emphasized in the economic growth of a country or state. Recently, it was revealed that International tourism alone contributes about $1896 billion to the world economy.

Curiously, the biggest share of this ‘sumptuous pie’ ends up in the pockets of Europe, with 39 percent of the total. While Asia and the Pacific took 24 per cent of the total value.

Anambra state within the federation of Nigeria can take percentage of this ‘pie’ with the envisioned plan of the Smart Megacity being driven by Prof Soludo.

This is where visionary and leadership capacity come into play. The foresight of planning and the swiftness of execution becomes key. The twin-virtue that is synonymous with Prof Charles Soludo.

As the SPF finally berths in Igbo-Ukwu this Saturday, and with the coming of the Soludo Solution, it presents another great opportunity to explore the rich history of the ancient community for more greatness!

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