Ihiala Monarchs, Leaders Of Thought Endorse Enyimba For Senate, Anambra South Zone

any Ihiala person that does not support Enyimba is a saboteur – Igwe Isseke

Raymond Ozoji, Awka

The 10 traditional rulers of Ihiala Local Government Council and their presidents-general have unanimously endorsed Dr Anselm Enyimba as their choice candidate for Senate, Anambra South Senatorial Zone.

They also called on all citizens of the 10 communities that make up Ihiala Local Government Area to pool their resources, support together for the success of Enyimba’s senatorial ambition.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Igwe Emma Nnabuife (Ezeoha of Isseke) lamented that Ihiala Local Government had suffered marginalization as it had never been given the chance to produce a senator in the Senatorial zone.

Igwe Nnabuife noted with dismay that Old Aguata and Old Nnewi divisions had hitherto produced senators severally with the financial and voting support of Ihiala electorate terming the situation “shameful.”

Ezeoha Isseke therefore implored all traditional rulers and presidents-general to ensure they go back and educate their people on why they should not allow the present opportunity of producing a senator pass them by. He also called on the 33 APGA delegates to ensure they do what is right by voting for Chief Enyimba during the primaries.

While speaking with newsmen afterwards, Igwe Nnabuife said, “Ihiala Local Government has never gone to senate before and we want to go this time. We have someone who is more qualified than all the other aspirants.

“He has the experience having travelled far and wide and worked for 28 years in a bank. He knows what risk and management is and is therefore fit and qualified to represent us as a senator. Any person from Ihiala Local Government that does not support him is sabotaging the local government.

“It is evident that we produce the winning vote in Anambra South and we also have financial gladiators who have been sponsoring candidates from other divisions in the past. It is important for us in Ihiala Local Government that this year we have a capable candidate for senate, that we do not allow the opportunity pass us by,” the monarch stated.

In the same vein, Ihiala Local Government leaders of thought declared their unalloyed support for Dr Anselm Enyimba’s senatorial ambition.

Speaking during the group’s meeting, the chairman of the group, Dr M. C Anohu, said he was happy that at last a qualified candidate was emerging from Ihiala Local Government to break the long held jinx of not producing a senator from the local government.

He stated his confidence in the credibility of Chief Enyimba who he said had proven himself as a “principled, thoroughly educated man.”

“This was the reason we accepted him into the prestigious Knighthood of St Mulumba. I believe that given all the professional bodies he belongs to and the taintless reputation he has built so far, he would be determined to give his best if he is given a chance at the senate,” Dr Anohu said.

Iduu Azua Mbah, on his part, said that Enyimba’s ambition was an answered prayer for the people of Ihiala Local Government Area. He encouraged Dr Enyimba to remain courageous and prayerful and pledged that Ihiala Local Government leaders of thought were at his disposal to help in every way possible for him to achieve his goal.

Earlier, while introducing himself, Dr Anselm Enyimba recounted his educational and professional qualifications and said that he has come to reverse the ugly trend of embezzling of public funds, selling out of employment quota and inaccessibility of senators in Anambra South zone.

Enyimba promised to set up a culture of holding regular town hall meetings, ensuring that all employment allocations get to Anambra South people and sponsorship of grassroots impacting bills.

“I will ensure that I sponsor seven bills that would address the core challenges of the seven local governments that make up Anambra South Senatoral zone in my first month of office as senator,” he said.

Lending his voice during the two meetings, Honourable Chinedu Ukachukwu, one time Ihiala Local Government Council chairman who is the director general of Enyimba Campaign organization vouched for Dr Enyimba’s sincerity of purpose and credibility.

He reminded the groups of how he thrived as local government chairman saying that he would not have stuck his neck out for Enyimba if he was in doubt of his ability to make good his words.

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