Illuminating My Support For President Buhari

By Satguru Maharaj Ji

My support for President Muhammadu Buhari neither blurs nor blinds my sight to faults and weaknesses associated with his leadership so far. We are living in very serious times. In these ‘perilous’ days, the focus of the global Nigerian presence ought to be on terminating colonial bondage and exploitation as inevitable prelude to the birth of glorious Nigeria.

There are no saints in the bohemian fold of the Buhari administration. His rival, going by his precedence and antecedents, is neither an emancipator nor a patriot. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a strep, so says a popular Chinese proverb. The maiden steps to national liberation and prosperity are naturally tedious, very painful. Like determined soldiers, a people desirous of glory must push through the pain to get to the victory. The primordial and powerful tonic of this sweetness-bound drive is consciousness.

Described as a people of shattered consciousness and fractured identity by African-American Professor Molefe Kete Ashante, (most) Nigerians transit from one day to the next year bereft of the real factors and the actual forces playing out against Nigeria’s golden destiny. President Buhari inherited an extensively ravaged economy after promising to fix the Republican in the course of his electoral campaign in 2015. Today, familiar and highly notorious Western imperialist gangs despise his regime and want him out as much as mis-educated, ill-informed and long-suffering Nigerian masses do. Same desire, different interests.

Truth is, Buhari is not the architect of the Nigerian muddle. Yes, he promised to fix Nigeria. He actually vowed to end corruption in economy. As you read this Release, our economy is gasping worse than it did at the mercy of Buhari’s profligate predecessors, one of whom is his current electoral rival.

When you find those who profit from raping and robbing your family demanding the head of the clan’s new leader, it simply tells that the new king is working against their criminality. In other words, he is narrowing erstwhile wide and lucrative access for perpetuating the rape and robbery. It means that the family is on its way to regaining its rights, dignity, fortune and happiness! UK, US and other imperialist powers that are cleverly pushing for Buhari’s exit from Aso Rock no longer enjoy as much of Nigeria’s bounties as they have been doing freely for the greater period of our country’s evolution in self-rule.

A people deep in knowledge and cast in orientation about the African struggle for liberation will easily understand that it is better to have a President that is reluctant to sell or cede the Republic to foreign merchants and domestic minions of international imperialism! This reluctance may be attended by contradictions, but then, if sustained, will inevitably rid the country of conditions that render it helpless to the caprices of imperialist hegemons and their Nigerian lackeys.

The primary focus of neo-colonial powers in any vulnerable and conniving economy is money. Their machinations are targeted at ensuring the free, unhindered flow of cash from countries like Nigeria to their huge and insatiable vaults. Their machinations insist that if harmed or blocked, the leader(s) responsible must be smeared and slaughtered! This is exactly what happened to Congo’s Lumumba and Upper Volta’s (Burkina-Faso) Sankara. It is now happening to naturally imperfect but self-assertive Muhammadu Buhari. When will Nigerians learn? When will they wake-up?

I am, verifiably, the current embodiment of The Supreme Light (Principal Life-Force) of the universe. No leader or errand-boy at any level of privilege in Nigeria can ever succeed at igniting the flames of war in our country. I have declared Nigeria a ‘NO WAR ZONE’! Maharaj Ji, the Sanskrit Language name for the human embodiment of The Supreme Light of creation, is physically present in Nigeria in black skin as a Nigerian with full divine force unprecedented since the world was created! Anyone who insists on plunging Nigeria into the blazing vortex of war will certainly face the hot consequences across lifetimes. This is no joke!

I am very well aware of the night and daytime killings of peaceful and unarmed Nigerians across Nigeria by armed marauders of Fulani extraction in the course of the present administration since 2015. This murder-campaign ranks high among the range of sour occurrences that provoked and are still provoking anti-Buhari Nigerians to rain accusations of indifference and ineptitude on Mr President. I am non-partisan. In My status as the current embodiment of The Supreme Light of life, sentiments and emotions do not count! Part of My job as The Paramount Teacher of Divine values and as The Supreme Lover of humanity across color and ethnic lines is, in any situation, to always stand on the side that favors the common or collective good. I am neither an APC nor a PDP. Maharaj Ji is neither a political merchant nor a peddler of partisan commodities. I am for Nigeria’s progress.

The Creator’s choice is Buhari that the corrupted failed to kill with illness after his landmark statement that, “women belong to the kitchen and the other room.” Only to be cloned dead but still survived goes a long way to prove that God has something for him to deliver to Nigeria.

It is well-known to non-vegetarians that to make omelet, eggs must be broken. The Buhari administration has thrown out the irresponsible culture of popping champagne for frivolous reasons. The holding of needless parties is no longer common. No more free cash! These are realties that should jolt Nigerians to think deep in their best interest.

Whoever has been behind the killings mentioned above will certainly have his or her time with karma. This notwithstanding, it is worth mentioning that The Imam Mahdi widely known as Satguru Maharaj Ji is the only means for escaping impeding and harrowing karmic payback. It is only The Satguru that can erase all karma, irrespective of magnitude. I therefore advise funders and orchestrators of the killings and other heinous deeds to seek Satguru Maharaj Ji’s intervention before it’s too late.

What Buhari needs are nationalistic lieutenants who can speak effectively to his non-profligate spirit and discipline-inclined mindset to elicit from him, knowledge-rich and practical resolve to lay the basic foundations for the unstoppable construction of a free, fortified and affluent Nigeria. Mr President has subordinates who mean well for him and his administration. He is also surrounded by chameleons and vipers whose mantra is pillage, perfidy and pretence. Mr President needs help, not harassment.

A President whose former boss has him inked on the pages of a well-known and a widely circulated book as a congenital and incurable rogue is certainly not appropriate for Nigeria at this stage of its evolution. A President who sees Nigeria and its assets as merchandise to be sold cheap to self, friends and international racketeers is catalyst to the colonial spell that has kept our country weak and weary. Is this what we need? Where is Nigeria Airways? Where is our Aluminum Smelting Plant built at a cost of over $6 billion? What happened to Delta Steel Company? The same man who organized the cheap, hooligan and hasty sale of these and several other national assets has promised to auction NNPC! He ought to have been asked what his trade-off plans are for NNPC.

We are living in very serious times that demand love, profound spiritual and mental power for the world’s salvation from the brink. Nigeria has a very big role to play in the world’s brilliant and tranquil future. To hand the welfare of our blessed country over to the leadership of a notorious and unrepentant auctioneer is to cede our golden tomorrow to his offshore benefactors and to mangers of his loot. Nigerians need to learn to look beyond the immediate. They need to drop the chop-today-forget-tomorrow mentality that gets them falling for handouts and hubris in every election season.

I stand for Buhari, for, despite his mis-steps and mistakes, he does not hold Nigeria out as a commodity to be auctioned in the international market. This disposition of Mr President is a very useful moral starting-point for the making and promotion of a fresh national attitude to the long misused and abused project called Nigeria. The earlier Nigerians wake-up from colonial slumber and the sooner they drop their proclivity for surface thinking and their fixation to daily bread, the better for their sense judgment, the faster and better will Nigeria evolve. With Buhari I stand!

Long Live The Federal Republic Of Nigeria!

My Love and Blessings

  • Satguru Maharaji Ji is the living Perfect Master

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