Influx Of Herdsmen Into Southern Nigeria Poses Great Danger – IPOB

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has lamented the influx of herdsmen into the southern part of the country, saying their presence posed a great danger to the people.

This was as the group noted that it was more worrisome that Nigerians of southern extraction were maintaining a silent attitude in the face of a ‘dangerous’ development that was capable of altering their pattern of life and possibly send them into eternal oblivion.

The group said this in a statement on Monday by its Media and Publicity Director, Emma Powerful.

It said, “Those of us witnessing the alarming trend of disproportionate influx of Fulani Janjaweed killers through the porous borders of the North find it shocking that non-Fulani ethnic groups across Nigeria have, as usual, chosen to remain silent and resigned to suffer the impending carnage, loss of their land and alteration of their way of life rather than join ongoing efforts by IPOB to dislodge and drive these Fulani foot soldiers and terrorists back to the Sahel from whence they came.

“Any ethnic group in Nigeria, from Southern Kaduna, Middle Belt and Oduduwa that fails to rise up now will be swallowed up in the orgy of violence that will inevitably follow shortly.

“We are raising the alarm once again about this impending bloodbath and Fulani desperation to forcibly take over the land of indigenous ethnic groups in Nigeria. The total conquest and domination of the geo-political space in Nigeria by the Fulani has entered into a critical and irreversible phase.

“This is the sole reason why the Fulani-dominated Nigerian Army is busy occupying the East with their endless military exercises and tens of hundreds of roadblocks in the futile attempt of seeking to contain IPOB. There is no security challenge in the East but there are more armed soldiers, heavy weaponry and checkpoints in Biafraland than in the North where terrorism, banditry, kidnapping are the order of the day.”

(The Punch)

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