It’s Pure Wickedness For APC To Politicise Anambra’s First Covid-19 Death — APGA

Raymond Ozoji, Awka

The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) has responded to a social media report where the All Progressives Congress (APC) alleged that it was sheer ineptitude that the state lost a citizen to the dreaded coronavirus infection and that the governor should take responsibility rather than blame the deceased.

APGA maintained that it was pure wickedness and unfortunate for the APC or any other political party to politicise the demise of the Covid-19 victim on grounds of negligence and sheer ineptitude.

The publicity secretary of the APGA in Anambra state Hon. Chinedu Nkwonta who made the party’s position clear during an exclusive interview with NewsProbe, explained that the state government had not relented in the containment of the contagious coronavirus infections.

Nkwonta said, “It’s an unfortunate situation and we have to be critically mindful when we are discussing issues that are pertaining to the lives and survival of Ndi-Anambra. In this situation Willie Obiano is the governor of Anambra state not the governor of APGA.”

He opined that the governor had the responsibility to protect as well as cater for the entire citizens of Anambra state, noting that in a situation where there was a loss of soul, it’s such a pity that a political party like the APC that manages the affairs of the entire nation would see the loss of a citizen of Anambra as a political issue.

“Everybody knows that the government of Anambra state has done everything it can to make sure that all the facilities needed to protect Ndi-Anambra during these perilous times are in place.

“From the health point, we have set up two established health centres for testing of persons with Covid-19 infections. Anambra state has not relented on that. The state has gone out of its way to provide palliatives for the entirety of Anambra, taking care of the old and others.

“It is evidently clear that Governor Willie Obiano has always been in the news briefing and updating Anambra state. It is sad that we shall be talking about the loss of a life. What about other states where a lot more lives have been lost? What about other nations of the world where lives are being lost on daily basis? Are they being lost out of negligence?

“I am only saying this to make it clear to us that we should be mindful of what we call politics. There is a statement that borders on pure wickedness and irresponsibility. This is a part of it.

“Let us all as a people come together to support Anambra state so we can get out of this turbulence. We hope and pray that the death will not exceed where it is today. So APC should be mindful of its utterances because the loss of a soul due to Covid-19 infection is not a political issue,” Nkwonta thundered.

The APGA spokesman also noted that opposition does not imply that everything good government is doing for the overall interest of the people should be derided and condemned.

He explained that opposition is about critical appraisal as well as bringing up fundamental issues for discussions which government in power can leverage to better the lot of the masses and not casting aspersions on a performing government like the APGA-led state government in Anambra.

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