Kano Emerges State With Second Highest Number Of Active COVID-19 Cases

Kano now has the second highest number of active COVID-19 patients in Nigeria, less than three weeks after recording its index case.

The active cases refer to the patients that still have the virus, excluding those that have recovered or died from it.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) situation report obtained by TheCable shows that as of Thursday, Kano has 136 persons still infected with the virus, coming second to only Lagos which has 718.

The federal capital territory (FCT), which has been trailing behind Lagos, has 135 active COVID-19 patients.

On April 11, Kano confirmed its first COVID-19 patient in a former diplomat who developed symptoms after returning from Abuja.

Being one of Nigeria’s most populous state, there have been concerns of high risk of exposure to the disease.

TheCable has been reporting strange deaths in Kano which the state government attributed to other causes but COVID-19

The NCDC situation report also shows a total of 13,689 samples have been tested for the coronavirus, with 1,728 cases recorded so far.

Almost all 36 states and Abuja have confirmed cases of the virus, with the exception of Kogi and Cross River.

A total of 307 patients have been discharged while 51 have died, putting Nigeria’s fatality rate at three percent.

The Cable

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