Killings: Security Agencies Take Over Anambra Community As Town Unions Condemn Fracas

Leadership of Anambra State Association of Town Unions (ASATU) has condemned in strong terms the fracas that led to the killing of two policemen and two other persons in Oraifite community in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of the state. This is even as security agencies have cordoned off the entire community.

National President of the association, Chief Alex Onukwue, in a chat with Daily Sun in his office, said that the killing of four persons, injuring of others, as well as the destruction of properties in the area was condemnable, sad, and very unfortunate.

This is even as the group called for thorough investigation into the remote and immediate causes of the incident that destabilized the once peaceful and quiet community with a view to preventing future occurrence.

Onukwue said: “The matter in Oraifite is very unfortunate because there are many sides to the story. But whatever happens, some persons have been killed and these persons are Nigerians. Whether they are policemen or civilians, some persons have lost their lives.

“For now, we are looking up to the security agencies to unearth whatever happened; what exactly transpired. In the meantime, I think the security agencies are trying to do that and the President-General of the community and the stakeholders of Oraifite, as far as I know, are working round the clock to ensure that there are no reprisals in the community.

“They are trying to make sure that peace is restored while the security agencies are allowed to do their work with a view to finding out what happened, those who are responsible for whatever happened and how to handle it.”

Asked what ASATU is doing at the moment to intervene in the matter, he said: “It is not yet a matter for ASATU. At the stage the matter is, it is for the security agencies to calm situations in the community first of all. The situation now is tense; some persons have been killed.

“There are accusations and counter accusations over who did this and who did that. The place, of course, has been cordoned off. The security agencies have taken over the entire place.

“So, we are allowing them to do their job with a view to making sure that the traitors are brought to justice; that whatever happened is made known to the public.

“But like I told you, internally, the community led by the PG, the traditional ruler and the stakeholders are making their own effort to make sure that the crisis as we have them yet will not escalate.”

(Daily Sun)

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