Magnetic Isuofia Elites Embrace ‘Ozioma’ From Soludo

By Joe Anatune

Yes, they did, on the first day of 2021, in an atmosphere of pomp and pageantry. They received the good news; the grand vision of Prof. Chukwuma Soludo – the Anambra Smart Megacity (ASM), and they embraced it at the formal inauguration of Isuofia Chapter of Soludo Promoters Forum (SPF), held at the residence of Umueze, Isuofia-born business guru, Emeka Madonna Okafor. They are poised to lead the way, not minding the bumpy paths.

Everybody that is somebody in the fast growing suburb was there. The parade was impressive and the list was pretty long. The suave and well assured monarch, Igwe Aloyius Muoghalu, a retired army colonel, led the pack. He is all out for the rofo-rofo fight associated with the intricacies of power capture and has assured he will work for 101% victory. Muoghalu, handsome, friendly, aging gracefully but with the agility of the young, is battle ready. After all, once a solider, always a solider. Muoghalu boldly proclaimed that like him or hate him, nobody ignores Soludo for what he always brings to the table of development.

Action-oriented and benevolent, the host, Emeka Madonna Okafor, agreed with Igwe Moghalu and gave further substantiations and insights. He should know because growing up in Isuofia, Soludo was and still is the role model of his age grade and patron. Specifically, he underpinned Soludo’s mentoring of young and old Isuofia people to embrace education and his remarkable community development contributions, citing Amoji Primary school as one foundational example in Soludo’s development of human capital. Madonna assured of putting his treasures where his heart is.

Impeccably attired in a white kaftan, the chairman of the event, Sir Uche Obiakor, whose soft spoken and humble mien masks his massive successful imprints in the commanding heights of business in Nigeria, charged Isuofia Elites to give their time, talents and treasure to the project. Obiakor is ready to put his neck on the line that a Soludo governorship will be the next big glory for Ndi Anambra. He promised to be in the trenches, winning souls and deflating the opposition missiles until victory is achieved.

Casmir Igbokwe, an experienced journalist, who kept on hold, the celebration of his 20th marriage anniversary to coordinate the proceedings, reeled out the stellar qualities and contributions of Soludo to the world, to Nigeria, to Anambra and to Isuofia. Igbokwe leads an all conquering army of Isuofia intelligentsia, businessmen and women and community leaders from the six villages to work assiduously to realise the 101% victory mark which the Igwe has set. Their full endorsement of Soludo and outpour of love for him are based on his acknowledged capacity and ability to think and do, a visibly usually taciturn but charged Igbokwe enthused to the delight of the excited guests.

And to their ovation, we delivered the good news, the Ozioma, if you prefer, from Soludo, of the next Anambra where technological connectivity will generally improve their quality of life, where urban mass housing will be affordable especially for the poor, where security of life and property are assured, where education and health services will be at par with what is obtained in the first world, where both our cities and neighbourhoods will be well planned, where the civilised world will come for business and leisure. The frenzy of excitement and unalloyed joy rose a pitch higher when we presented the signature project of the 21-storey Anambra Tower to be sited in Awka, with each floor named after each of the 21 local government areas in Anambra State. They all agreed like the Israelites, that the promised land- the Anambra Smart Megacity is worthy of their time, their talents and their treasures, in bringing to fruition, and that they will mobilise maximally in furtherance.

The ambience and mood were buoyed by the musical display of the traditional Ogene group chaplained by Ichie Uche Muobuike, who held us in awe by the dexterity of his calculated foot works.

The Amaechi Umeh-led SPF contingent from Igboukwu added colour and glamour to the outing as they went through the rituals with regard to the breaking of kolanut. True, the Igboukwu SPF are really getting a good start and handle on the gritty works required to gain victory and deserve our commendation and encouragement.

Now, with Isuofia Elites showing the way and saying no to the virus of Impotent Wailing, we see a paradigm shift in our democratic practice in Anambra State, that will catch the world unawares because right now, development experts are not reckoning with Anambra as one of the future megacities of the world. But the world is aware that Anambra houses the most talented, gifted and endowed human beings.

Therefore, the world is patiently waiting for Anambra to lead the black race to glories. And Ndi Anambra are waiting for Soludo.

*Anatune is the Lead Facilitator/Strategist of Soludo Promoters Forum and writes from Awa

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