May Your Marriage Taste Five Rules Of Grief – Lady Curses Ex-Boyfriend


An angry Nigerian woman identified as Florence Clement, has become the talk of social media after she unleashed a barrage of curses on her ex-boyfriend for abandoning her to marry another woman.

Florence’s Facebook post, which quickly gained traction, shocked readers, as she recounted how her ex-boyfriend, identified as Comrade A S Adamz, whom she had financially supported to start a business, left her for another woman once the business became successful.

Adding insult to injury, Comrade Adamz wedded his new wife, Phoebe, last Saturday in Abuja, and went on to share their pre-wedding photos on Facebook, explicitly tagging Florence in the posts.

Enraged by this public display, Florence questioned why her ex-boyfriend felt the need to tag her in his pre-wedding photos after abandoning her for another woman.

In response, she posted the pre-wedding photos on her own timeline along with a scathing curse directed at the groom.

In her post, Florence wrote, “Congratulations on your shameless and useless marriage. May your marriage taste the 5 rules of grief, and may God punish you for the rest of your life. From my heart, I wish you nothing but pain till you rest in the bosom of the devil.”

Tagging her ex-boyfriend and 14 other close associates, she wrote in the comment session, “In your next life you, won’t tag me on your useless A I photos again.”

The incendiary post has sparked numerous reactions from Nigerians, with many expressing their views in the comment section as the story continues to unfold on social media.

Justice Emeka wrote, “My sister, life is not Nigerian Movie. They will live long and prosper. Until I hear the full story, nothing comot!”

Ebube Jennifer wrote, “My dear beautiful sister Florence Sudar Clement I think you should wave whatever it is he has done aside and thank God, who knows God might have saved you from a lifetime sorrow and pain.”

Godiya Joel Dangana wrote, “Hmmmm, My dear whatsoever that has happened. Please wish them well and let karma do the dirty work. I don’t no what happened shaa.”

Egolikuma Felemotiom “Congratulations my brother. May God bless your home. Thank God you did not marry this poster with this kind of attitude.”

Beauty Gift wrote, “Babe know that some breakups are deliverance, maybe God just used it to remove you from bondage, just be patient and be prayerful your own will surely come.”

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