Mbaise Leadership Forum Seeks Prosecution Of Invaders Of Odili’s Home

A group, Mbaise Leadership Forum (MLF), has condemned the invasion of the home of Supreme Court Justice Mary Odili and seeks the prosecution of the perpetrators who fraudulently obtained a court warrant and posed as state actors.

MLF is a group formed to harness the enormous socio-economic and political potentials of Mbaise people.

The group also aims to rebuild Mbaise into a first world community in a third world nation, a community not defined or limited by geographical boundaries.

Justice Odili’s parents hail from Mbaise, a community in Imo State. She later married Dr. Peter Odili, former governor of Rivers State.

MLF said it has followed with interest developments arising from the siege and invasion on October 29 and has been paying attention to “comments and other reactions to this unfortunate incident.”

A statement issued by MLF Board of Trustees Chairman, Dr. Sylvester Ugoh, former Minister of Education; and Moderator, Chris Ohanele, cited the resolution of Ezuruezu Mbaise published in The Sun on November 12.

Dr. Ugoh also served as the Minister of Science and Technology under President Shehu Shagari in the Second Republic.

MLF said it supports the statement of Ezuruezu Mbaise and, on behalf of MLF members, board of trustees, and executive council condemns all forms of intimidation of citizens by the government or its agents.

The statement reads:

“We strongly condemn the said siege and the invasion of the residence of Justice Mary Odili. The culprits who carried out this act and those behind them should be uncovered, apprehended, and brought to account regardless of how highly placed or connected they may be. We note that this process is ongoing and should continue until there is full accountability.

“While noting that the Federal Government has denied authorizing this lawless act, the incident presents it with another opportunity to address the flagrant abuse of the rule of law and to reassure the country that it is willing and able to stop the slide to lawlessness in Nigeria.

“We are not fooled by public statements by some government officials which may be intended to distance them from the suspected culprits and afford such officials or their agents plausible deniability in this incident.

“We condemn all forms of intimidation of citizens by the government or its agents. Normally a highly placed individual as a Justice of the Supreme Court should be able to enjoy the maximum security necessary to discharge her responsibilities effectively and fearlessly. If Justice Mary Odili could be subjected to intimidation tactics as in this incident, how can the long-suffering ordinary citizens expect their sad fate to improve anytime soon?

“Finally, we believe that every citizen has a stake in building a civilized order in Nigeria and that government should be in the vanguard of this effort. In spite of current challenges, we continue to hope that government will live up to this responsibility.”

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