Mbaka And Season Of Prophetic Terrorism

By Casmir Igbokwe

The message of Rev. Fr. Emmanuel to me last Wednesday was thought-provoking: “Beloved child of God, we are in an era of ‘prophetic terrorism’ in Nigeria nowadays. May God grant us discernment to discover those ‘prophetic terrorists’.” I said Amen to this prayer, only to discover later that Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka had committed what perfectly fits into the mould of prophetic terrorism.

Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), had told his congregation that the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 presidential election, Mr. Peter Obi, would not be President of Nigeria. “A stingy man cannot be our president. We are already hungry. We need a generous person. Nigerians are hungry,” he blurted.

This is not the first time Mbaka would say this. In 2018, during the run-up to the 2019 general election, he tried to compel Obi to make a public donation to his church project. Then, the former Anambra State Governor was the vice-presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Former Vice-President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, was the then presidential candidate of the party. When Obi refused to budge, Mbaka said God hated stinginess and that if he continued to act in that manner, he and Atiku would lose the presidential election.

Now, in the run-up to the 2023 general election, Mbaka came again with his hate speech. As far as he is concerned, Obi insulted the Holy Spirit for not coming to his ministry to donate, and unless he comes to his ministry to kneel and seek God’s forgiveness, he will not attain the presidency. In the estimation of this priest, it is better to have an old man as president than a stingy young man. Very unfortunate!

Although he later apologized for his utterances and prayed for Obi, the harm has been done. Part of his punishment is that the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Callistus Onaga, prohibited all Catholics (clergy, religious and lay faithful) from attending all religious and liturgical activities of the Adoration ministry until the due canonical process initiated by the Diocese is concluded.

It is worthy to note that Mr. Obi has remained as cool as a cucumber despite these unwarranted attacks. The jaundiced views about him from the pulpit do not vitiate the fact that he has been donating to charitable causes over the years. He has visited over 150 schools, about 40 health institutions across the country and donated towards their upgrade. In September last year, he made a donation of N100 million to Bishop Shanahan Specialist Hospital in Nsukka, Enugu State, to upgrade its School of Nursing and Midwifery to a College. I am aware that during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Obi quietly touched the lives of many families with cash and other gifts and has paid the hospital bills of many indigent patients. He mobilized over $200,000 to help in alleviating the plight of Haitians during the humanitarian crisis occasioned by hurricane in that country.

The testimony of Iyom Bianca Odumegwu Ojukwu is worth sharing here. According to the widow of Ikemba Nnewi, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, Obi once visited them in Dallas, Texas, United States, sometime in 2009 when he was governor. All he had on him during the visit was small carry-on luggage containing files, a few toiletries and an extra shirt. Ikemba and his wife wondered what he would be wearing at a black tie event he was billed to attend at Dallas Marriot. To cut the long story short, Bianca took him to the luxury men’s emporium at Nieman Marcus to buy a smart black suit. But rather than buy a dapper Tom Ford suit with a price tag of $3,985, Obi went for another suit with a lower price tag of $220 at another mart. He was to later give Bianca $3,800 which was the balance of the money he would have paid for a Ford suit. He urged Bianca to use this balance for her charity foundation to help those in actual need. Of course, Ojukwu’s widow acted as instructed and shared the money to those in dire need of it.

How can one now label a man like this as stingy? He is stingy because he refused to be browbeaten by Mbaka into making public donation in his ministry. He is stingy because he refused to squander Anambra State resources when he was governor. He is stingy because he loathes profligacy and unnecessary show of opulence.

I don’t blame Mbaka. I blame people who still follow him sheepishly. And that is the tragedy of our existence as a people. Once it is a matter of faith or religion, reason takes flight from most people. The Bible says touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. I agree. But not for a prophet who has made himself an object of ridicule.

I suspect that Mbaka loves courting controversies to remain relevant in the scheme of politicians. People like him are one of the major reasons many of our youths today have embraced idolatry. Rather than salvation and other things that the church is traditionally known for, some of these priests concentrate on prosperity preaching and material acquisitions that will never take anyone to heaven.

Interestingly, a few days before Mbaka’s faux pas, another popular priest, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma, also known as Ebube Muonso, had thrown his own prophetic stones. Obimma, who is the Spiritual Director of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Uke, in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State, said he saw Fulani herdsmen with tribal marks invade Anambra Government House and that Governor Chukwuma Soludo was running out in a pool of blood. He added some political insult to the prophetic injury when he said Anambra was turning into a ghetto dustbin with suffocating stench everywhere.

Trust Soludo. He fired back, telling the priest that he did not believe in his political or phantom ‘prophecies’ designed to play to the gallery. “Funny enough,” he said, “these ‘pulpit prophecies’ are always about high public officials. I have lived my life to this age without needing or relying on ‘prophecies’, and it is too late now to change.”

Prophecies or no prophecies, Obi has become a movement in Nigeria’s political circles. As expected, his rising political profile has unsettled some people and attracted mud-slinging from different quarters, including the pulpit. But, be it known that win or lose, that man cannot be wished away in Nigerian politics today. He will shame many of his detractors in 2023. I thank God for people like Father Emmanuel who have continued to give us hope amid the confusion and terrorism of the pulpit in Christendom today.


Re: where is justice?

It was the Reggae Legend, late Peter Tosh, who sang “everybody is crying for peace, none is crying for justice”. He went further to demand equal rights and justice for everyone. Truth is, there can be no peace where injustice reigns. The fallouts of the presidential primaries of the two big political parties we have in Nigeria (PDP and APC) have affirmed that Nigeria is like the enclave illustrated in George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm ‘ where “all animals are equal but some are more equal than the others”. Nigeria was founded on a tripod but it is clear that the third leg of the tripod – Igbo – has been enslaved and can never get a fair deal in the Union. However, the coming 2023 general elections will reveal what type of baby the pregnant nation bears – a saviour or an evil child.

-Aloy Uzoekwe, 08038503174,


Dear Casmir, what happened in PDP and APC presidential primary was a conspiracy aided by our Igbo brothers and supported by other southern brothers. I watched as Tambuwal dropped his ambition and asked his supporters to vote for Atiku. The same thing happened in APC presidential primary when some South-West aspirants stepped down for Tinubu to brighten his chances of clinching the ticket. Before the Igbo cry for justice against them, they should ask Governor Hope Uzodimma, Orji Uzor Kalu, governors from South-East and our representatives who did they support in the just concluded presidential primaries.
-Onyejaka Alex,


Dear Casy, if Dr Ogbonnaya Onu has just woken up to the reality of injustice against Ndi Igbo, especially in the political sphere, to the extent that he had to shout ‘foul’, during their party’s primaries, permit me to say that he is either suffering from one or all of the under-listed ailments, to wit:- (1) some kind of political hallucinations; (2) political kiss-off; (3) blinded by unalloyed concern for his stomach infrastructure which leads them, most times, to kowtow to their Principal for crumbs, hereinafter, referred to as political appointments; (4) ‘why should it be him, instead of me’ superiority syndrome—-the nemesis that borders on hubris, inadvertently, propelled by some Ndi Igbo against their kith and kin, but manipulated and exploited by the ‘birthright wielders of the levers of power’ to their own advantage. Solutions:(1) fervent prayer for political reawakening, rebirth and regeneration among our Igbo ‘dealers’, sorry, so-called leaders that would enthrone an enduring unity of mind and purpose.(2)As Providence is, once again, throwing up the late Chief MKO Abiola, who, as a child of destiny, broke ethnic and religious boundaries on his route to victory, then, but is today resurrecting in the body and soul of Peter Obi for the salvation of our dear country, such needed political reawakening should galvanize Ndi Igbo, especially, the fifth column, into alignment with Pan-Nigerians who are drifting in droves today in support of Obi Presidency.

-Steve Okoye, Awka, 08036630731. 


A family that is not organized, anchored and devoid of love opens up its flanks for enemies to exploit, and may even be seen begging for what rightly belongs to it. South-East requires a cohesive and coordinated platform in order to command the support, attention and respect of other geo-political zones. Its number one enemy is INDIVIDUALISM: and it is lurked within its fold. Let it be sounded for the umpteenth time that a house that is divided against itself cannot stand, let alone unleashing a successful onslaught against an enemy. Politics is a game of interest which is not founded on ‘our turn’ syndrome.

-Edet Essien Esq. Cal. South, 08037952470


Casmir, do you really mean the rhetorical question “where is justice?” OK, where was justice too, when in 2015, South-East while exercising their discretion/volition or franchise gave Buhari only 4% of their votes and in 2019, gave him – a sitting president – only 19%? The events playing out now are part of the consequences of their past wrong steps that were directed mainly against the ‘personality of PMB’. South-East should have had their eyes on the permutations for 2023 as South-West brilliantly did! South-East pitched their tents with PDP in which the North had an unfinished business to settle – because the only president from the North that PDP produced died after 2 and ½ years in office. The turn of South-East is in the offing – predictably in 2031 should Atiku win in 2023. They only need to be ‘patient’, calculative and be strategically positioned.

-Mike, Mushin Lagos, +2348161114572


Dear Casmir, the suggestion you made for rotational presidency amongst six sub regions isn’t viable. It’ll take too long; up to 48years to cycle. The right thing is rotation between North and South or we defuse leadership and make provision for executive president/prime minister so both regions can be in power at the same time.

– Cletus Frenchman Enugu, +234 909 538 5215


The South-East must learn to speak in one voice in order to make any impact on its presidential bid. Individual sacrifices must be made by aspirants for a credible and most popular candidate to emerge from the lot.

-Ediye James, +2348108095633

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