Mbaka Apologises To Bishop Onaga, Catholic Church

Spiritual Director, Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka, has publicly apologised to the Catholic Church and Bishop Callistus Onaga for the unruly behaviour of his adherents in Enugu following rumours of his ‘disappearance’.

Members of the Adoration Ministry had marched around Enugu, last Wednesday, May 5, demanding the whereabouts of their pastor, Mbaka, who was feared to have been abducted. 

The protesters stormed the home of the Enugu Bishop where they destroyed property, having accused him of knowing what had happened to Mbaka.

But, Mbaka, yesterday, went on his knees and apologised to Onaga, the Catholic church in Enugu and world-wide for all the damage his followers had done at the bishop’s house at Igbo Eze Street, Independence Layout Enugu, and Holy Ghost Cathedral, Ogui Enugu.

The visibly remorseful priest rendered the apology in a church service at Adoration Ground, Umuchigbo in Enugu East Local Government Area.

He explained that no one was sent to destroy property of the bishop and the church, while warning his followers to be faithful to the church at all times.

He maintained that he neither had issues with Bishop Onaga nor the church, but alleged that some persons wanted to pit him against the church. 

He, however, declared that he would obey the church as a priest.

“My bishop and I are not arguing, there is no dispute between us. A lot of people want to put conflict between us, but what’s inside of me won’t allow it to succeed,” Mbaka said.

“I do not fight the Catholic Church. It cannot happen. All I have is the church. I have worked in the church for more than 25 years. Why should I start fighting it?

“I go on my knees and apologise to the Catholic Church for everything that happened. If I have said something wrong, please forgive me.”

He further instructed his followers to join in the one week prayer and fasting ordered by the bishop to seek God’s forgiveness  for the desecration of the holy altar at Holy Ghost Cathedral, Enugu. 

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