Mother Marries Son So Other Women Won’t Enjoy Fruit Of Her Labour

As they say, nothing is new under the sun. However, some strange practices that still happen today leave many people shocked. According to several sources, a Malawian mother married her 30-year-old son. She explained that her reason for doing this is because she has invested so much on him.

The woman identified as Memory Njemani, and is 47-year-old believes that she worked so hard to train her son and she cannot allow another woman enjoy the fruits of her own labour. She also explained that it’s about time she enjoys herself with her son, because they both worked hard.

As gathered by, Njemani reportedly said: “I invested a lot of money in the education of my son. Why should another woman be married to him and enjoy my hard work? I invested in him! That will not happen. I’m marrying my son so that we don’t empower other women who have been aborting.”

Meanwhile, reported the news of the Nigerian woman who slept with her biological son to test her fertility in her second marriage. Veronica Iorshe, 47, from Howe, Ugee council ward in Benue state slept with her son from her previous marriage so as to bear children for her second husband, Sebastian Iorshe, 44, from Aliade, all in the same Gwer east local government area of the same state.

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