N1.1 Trillion Largesse To Govs: Obi Appeals For Judicious Investment

The main opposition Voice and the Labour Party Presidential Candidate in last year’s general election, Peter Obi has offered advice to state Governors on how to utilize the N30billion given to each of the 36 state governors to help ameliorate the hardship in the country.

The huge sum announced recently by Senate President Senator Godswill Akpabio was intended to help the Governors address the restiveness in the land as a result of the harsh economic situation in the country.

Obi writing in his X handle said, “Recently, the Senate President, Senator Godswill Akpabio announced that a staggering financial support of N1.1 trillion, amounting to a sum of N30 billion each was doled out to the State Governors to help ameliorate the present hardship in the country.

“While the Federal Government is to be commended for making such a huge support, considering the difficult times people are going through, it is pertinent, for the interest of good governance and transparency, that the details of the disbursement of such support be explained further, so that the public, the masses for who the support is meant, can follow through and ensure that it is utilized appropriately to the benefit of the people.

“While waiting for such details, I appeal that concerted efforts should be made to ensure that the resources are genuinely and transparently invested in productive ventures to alleviate present hardship and help the future growth of the country.

“We must stop throwing our scarce and borrowed resources at immediate problems, and consumption, but rather through an articulated plan, invest aggressively in production, in a clear, visible, and transparent manner, in which people can see the future benefits.

“Now than ever, our nation needs a separate move from consumption to production by prioritizing and investing in human development which will go towards providing a sure and lasting solution to many of our challenges of today, and put us on a path of developmental growth. This is the New Nigeria we are clamouring for.”

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