‘Nature May Provide Solution To COVID-19’

A solution to the COVID-19 pandemic currently ravaging the world could well be found in nature.

The Research and Development Director of the Orange Palm Co. Limited, Dr. Chidi Okpaluba, made this known in a statement in Lagos.

“Nature provides us with solution to every challenge we can ever encounter or experience on earth. When man wanted to fly, all we did was to look at birds, found out how they fly and with this we built airplane.  When we wanted to sail the oceans, seas and rivers, we studied nature and found the answer in the fish,” Okpaluba said.

Antiviral tea

He added, “There is no ailment that does not have a natural cure in our plants and food but we have refused to look deeply at them.

“In my research I found out that a commonly used plant in Nigeria and most African countries contains polyphenols which has virucidal effects on select viruses like HIV and stops the replication of the virus cells in the host.

“Since this is natural and does not have any side effect, why can’t we try it on COVID-19 patients? They can use it as tea.”

Okpaluba can be contacted on: 0908 004 8177

Dr. Chidi Okpaluba

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