New Year: APC Felicitates With Nigerians

The All Progressives Congress (APC) felicitates with all Nigerians as we welcome the year 2019.
In a statement signed by the National Publicity Secretary, Mallam Lanre Issa-Oniru, the APC said “On this joyous occasion, let us reflect on the tremendous progress we have made as a nation in the last three and half years. The significant leap towards recovering our country from the abyss would become obvious when we look back at the precarious state our country was in 2015 due to the preceding 16 years of irresponsible leadership.

“It is however heartwarming to note that Nigeria has now turned the corner, moving away from the years of waste towards a stable and prosperous future. As citizens, we must play our part by continuing to support ongoing efforts by the President Muhammad Buhari-led administration to rebuild the nation.

“The forthcoming general elections in 2019 provides us a great opportunity to consolidate on the progress we have made together as a country under the APC administration.

“We reiterate our stand that candidates that should be elected at all levels must be those that can pass the integrity test and be adjudged to be above board in positions of responsibility they have held in the past.
Our NEXT LEVEL campaign provides a clear roadmap to further deliver on our promises and the Change Agenda largely harped on fighting corruption, improving the economy and tackling insecurity.

“We remain solidly committed to good governance and a participatory democracy which allows for peaceful, free, fair, credible and transparent elections. As a nation, we urge all to kick against unpatriotic practices such as hate campaign, spurious and unsubstantiated allegations and deliberate inciting statements being directed at critical state institutions and public officials by the desperate leaders of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

“As a progressive party, the APC remains committed to deepening internal party democracy, unity and cohesion to provide a strong and united political platform to ensure the success of our Change Agenda at the federal, state and local levels.

“We must shun divisive elements in our private and public spaces who exploit sentiments to sell hate and intolerance amongst us in the name of religion, politics and other leanings. Despite our perceived differences, our strength remains in our diversity.

“Finally, we call on Nigerians to look forward to the new year with great optimism and positive possibilities as President Muhammadu Buhari leads the charge to establish the Nigeria of our dreams.”

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